LG V30 vs. $50,000 RED Weapon – Replicating the Walter Mitty Longboard Scene

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Thanks to LG for sponsoring this video. Opinions are my own.

It’s that time again to compare a smartphone to my $50,000 RED Weapon Camera. This time we used LG’s new smartphone, the V30, to replicate the Walter Mitty Longboard Scene. Check out the scene, and let me know if you can tell the difference? Leave your comments below!

Please do not try any of the stunts you see in this video, as they are performed by trained professionals.

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27 Replies to “LG V30 vs. $50,000 RED Weapon – Replicating the Walter Mitty Longboard Scene”

  1. Anastasia Viruch

    How you can see difference if video compare render in even conditions? Red shot 800 mbps video with monster din range where 1 min weight 1gb and this video render in low bitreit and broke youtube. You see difference only in 4k monitore and lg 20 mbps videoshot its carbage compare to red or more cheaper other cams like gh5, a7m3 ect.

  2. Lizziegirlnyc

    Previously did a lot of research on Samsung, iPhone and the LG V30.. I went with the LG V30.. The reviews were astounding and for the price, no way you can beat it. I got 2 for the price of 1.. I was sick and turned off by of the hype and absurd prices for Samsung and iPhone they didn’t even compare! I love my phone!

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