LG V35 In 2020! Still Great!

BUY LG V35 ThinQ


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33 Replies to “LG V35 In 2020! Still Great!”

  1. Klaus Josef Eichmann

    I assembled my phone buying parts from Chinese sellers luckily they shipped before the recent flooding part by part, I put it together lol the DAC is very very good. It's worth my effort. The hardest part to find is the logic board though

  2. Hays Waller

    I used this phone for about a year. Got the Mi 9T Pro which was a steal as well and loved it until it recently got the MIUI upgrade and has been buggy garbage since. I got tired of it and pulled this V35 out of retirement. Works great!

  3. Charlemagne Losaria

    I got this phone last week here in Vietnam. Unlocked At&t and about 97 to 98 percent smooth for about $128. Lots of cheap LG V and G series phones here! Love it. My most powerful phone to date. 6GB RAM, 64 GB Internal, SD 845!

    I wish next LG flagship will not have notches


    I got a V30 and want the V35.
    Will this phone work with T-mobile? I heard I need an AT&T sim to do software updates and wifi calling

  5. JROD

    I have this phone. It's FULLY unlocked. Its not an AT&T model. It's the unlocked amazon prime exclusive version with the Amazon apps pre installed. But you can disable them. There are no carrier logos of any kind when you boot up. Just LG.

    I also have the V40 and thats an amazing phone aswell. Just dont like the notch. But nacho notch cleaned it up on every app EXCEPT for the YouTube app in horizontal mode😞😒

    The only thing I wish this V35 had was the boombox speaker that the V40 has. The speaker isnt terrible but the V40's boombox speaker is much more fuller sounding. And a bit louder.

    I use the V35 more than the V40. Glad I got the V40 tho. Thats becoming a hard phone to get ahold of Now that LG decided to go with a 1080p screen on the V60….sighs…

  6. Sam M. Atherton

    So I wanted to get the G7 because it's the latest model that had a method to root it plus any development like custom ROMs(that appears to of changed as the v40 recently started getting developed and the v35 had a method to root but with stock room), but can't find a reasonably priced one that can be updated to Android 10 – either it's the TMobile version with no root support or it's unlocked with the likely fake firmware, no upgrade to Android 10 path and shoddy 4g reception. So I would of gotten the g7 2-3 months ago but maybe I should reconsider this phone or the v40. Would you recommend one over the other(I'm thinking the V35 cause it's smaller/better battery/no notch). I'm considering an LG cause of the quad DAC – I have AKG K40's, a couple mics & want better recordings & sound quality, especially for the earbuds I'm about to get(I'm considering some DCMeka HiFi in ear monitors, MEE audio M6 Pro, KZ ZST HiFi Hybrids/KZ ZST Pro Dynamics or CCA C10/C12 HiFi in ear monitors). I have Metro by TMobile so use that network – don't know if that will impact an AT&T based phone that's unlocked. Also in regards to phones from last year like the OP7 pro LG G8 & V50 vs ones from this year with SD865: as a OnePlus user for years (One+1 one year, OP3 2.5 years, OP3+ until now) is 5g worth it, would LG skin vs Oxygen bother me(I've gotten less picky except white background UI – Android 10 has a dark mode right?) and is SD855 vs 865 that noticeable of a difference? If so what would you recommend as a more budget oriented option? I'm looking at using an SD845 devices for a few months before switching to either an 855 or 865…

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