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  1. RACE A.T

    I live in the U.S & gotta say i love LG. There underrated but there flagships/high end phones are great & we can't forget about the stylo line up is pretty good to👍. Good video keep them coming👍.

  2. Michael Llewellyn

    I juust bought the V35 an AT&T Unlocked – BUMMER! It is stll using Oreo and because I am not using AT&T + LG, don't knoow if it will ever get uupdated, BUT, the Phoone is GREAT!

  3. Peter Ford

    Hey my friend, I've been lookin into the v35, but I love stereo speakers. So my toss up is a pixel 2xl. Would you say the boom sound in the v35 are as loud and clear as the pixel front facing stereo speakers?
    Thanks so much.

  4. xander Gonzalez

    the battery life is pretty much average with everything else now days. It lasts all day with some use but only like 5 hrs with heavy use. I have had the lg v30+ for over a year and a half and i never had an issue till I cracked it. Now I have the v35 for over a year and its just as good but faster

    The screens dont get burnt. I'm not sure what people are talking about there but the resolution and screen is freaking awesome. I paid $185 for the v35 and I feel just as "cool" with it when I play videos or set my phone down on a table full of Samsung s20's or iPhone 11's.

    Did i mention its crazy fast? I have straight talk and everything is lightning quick. 6 gigs of ram is cash money to me.

    Whatever you do dont drop it without a case and screen protector cause this thing is super fragile. But with that being said I take this phone in the steamy shower and its very water resistant. Water gets on and in the phone every day and still no issues.
    1. I wish it wasn't such a wide phone. It kinda hurts the hands to hold over time but its not a deal breaker because it looks amazing when watching videos but texting can feel like a chore with this phone.

    2. I wish it had STEREO SPEAKERS!
    I cant say it enough.. This phone would be complete with better sound but the speaker on this phone is just like any other single speaker. Its fairly clear and pretty loud but it gets annoying watching movies or videos without headphones. My girls iphone XR is awesome in this area.

    Dont get me wrong. I know the v40 is less wide and has the better speakers but I refuse to get a phone with a notch.
    To me the notch is disgusting and I love my v35 for not having one.

  5. Thebrothaisback

    This is basically a v40 in a v30 body, which I prefer. Too bad they don't have it for Verizon. For some reason, Verizon always gets the worst selection of phones still…

  6. thatchinaboi

    Headphone output is measured to be slightly higher on the V20 however if you hook up the phone to monitors you can tell the DAC chip on the V35 has a more dynamic sound using the default "short" digital filter. The V20 doesn't have the option to change the digital filter.

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