LG V35 ThinQ – Full Review – A phone worth considering (Depending on the price)!

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46 Replies to “LG V35 ThinQ – Full Review – A phone worth considering (Depending on the price)!”

  1. Peter Ford

    Hey Donavon, I'm considering the v35 or the pixel 2 or 2xl. The reason is the speakers. The LG looks great as for specs, but the boom speaker is an issue. I love the stereo speakers of the pixel but I have heard so much about the boom effect, but clarity is big to me and the through the case, on the LG sounds like it would be less clear.
    What was your opinion between the two? Thanks Donavon.

  2. Charles 54

    Late comments from me but got this on eBay for $165.00 in open box condition. Works great no issues and phone in great shape. Better than any mid-range phone. 6 gb ram, 845 SD . Wow. Phone flys. Also full Android Pie. Updates and security also.

  3. SpiDey Z

    I don't know if you'll see this, but does it have auto focus on wide angle as well? just got lg v30 for 260$ and it doesn't have af on wide ang. cam. In gsmarena its specified that v35 has af on wide angle as well. thanks.

  4. TheRealCxixmx

    I don’t get why people say lg over charges for their phones. They don’t charge any more than other companies do. There v series aren’t any worse than the galaxy phones or the newer iPhones yet people seem thankful to pay a grand for them but think lg shouldn’t charge more than 500$ for a premium flagship.

  5. Undesirable Loser

    You buy at swappa yet to take a loan out basically it's so expensive if I'm going to pay those prices I might as well buy it directly from the manufacturer brand new out right.

  6. Undesirable Loser

    You also need a PayPal account for swappa I cannot get a PayPal account. So I'm sticking with eBay and you can't get a good device in eBay you just got to keep looking and looking and looking that's why I found my last one it took about six months I'll find one

  7. Undesirable Loser

    There are no better than the ones in eBay I looked at the pics they charge more for screen burn I don't want screen burn if you wanted some advice would screen burn I'll give you $50 take it or leave it

  8. Undesirable Loser

    Thanks for telling me about swappa no thanks though the device is on there have screen burn there is bad as eBay how do you say swap has not a good source and the more expensive on swappa

  9. Undesirable Loser

    I'm just telling you my experience with the LG G5 even the rep at my AT&T told me not to buy it if you don't have to get another Samsung device that was the wraps advice

  10. Undesirable Loser

    You don't know what you're saying I have an LG G5 I don't like it and when I use certain apps whether Samsung's let you use all the apps I have the Samsung S7 and the LG G5 they both came out the same time both have the same processor in it the Samsung phone is better I've dealt with algae I had nothing but problems with them I don't know about the newer ones I just know the LG G5 I have problems with

  11. Gabriela Lamberti

    The V30 has display issues. (mine had a blue hue to it and the whites were not whites) I returned mine.
    Today I'm getting the V35+. Let's hope it does not have the same issue?

  12. Undesirable Loser

    In fact I rather go back to the old days before they had smartphones and that even have a smartphone any more data not even a home phone just get off the grid and just get a prepaid flip phone and just use it for emergencies

  13. Undesirable Loser

    Don't buy LG I had nothing but trouble with my LG G5 got a software upgrade for it it's shot does not work the way it should anymore basically I have to buy a new device they said

  14. Undesirable Loser

    Damn used on eBay for $150 or less I don't want to get one I don't like LG products I have an LG G5 I'm getting rid of it I lost faith in LG I'll never get an LG device ever again sorry I ever got the LG G5 junk

  15. Undesirable Loser

    I am disappointed in the new Samsung S10 mine that hole punch in the S10 plus a double hole punch I don't like Destiny I don't like in the S10 I don't like either so I will not be getting a new device this year Samsung really disappointed me

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