LG V35 ThinQ Review

We decided to give you a full assessment of LGโ€™s latest in the V35 ThinQ to see just where the bar is right now for LG and its current high-end, flagship competition.

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38 Replies to “LG V35 ThinQ Review”

  1. Bill Zardus

    I have a suggestion kid from a 70 YO white man.
    Keep checking the HSN & QVC websites for the model of LG / Tracfone they are recently selling
    and then quickly purchase and review those phones. Since Tracfone sells a huge number
    of phones at these 2 places, that would give you a much larger potential audience.
    Also look to see how many other people have already reviewed the phone in question
    before doing this.
    WRZ 2020-06-24

  2. FelixDied

    this is literally the best notchless curveless phone ever made and no one is talking about it
    i have the v30 plus and knowing they will never make the same one with updated cpu+gpu it makes me want to cry.

  3. Jonny Watts

    Just bought a v35. Upgrading from the G6. I got used to the longer screen on the G6 so other phones look fat to me. I was previously a Samsung guy. Can't wait to get my new phone! I may be an LG guy now.

  4. Dude

    Just upgraded from V20. Loved that phone. 2nd screen with OEM flip cover gave unmatched functionality. Removable battery. IR Blaster. Wide dual camera. Preferred LCD with no burn in. That said, an otherwise perfect condition V35 from eBay with a cracked back ($10 replacements available) for $125 was a no brainer. Forfeiting all the favorite functions of the V20, especially the flip cover and second screen, the V35 is still a great upgrade. So snappy and the screen is amazing (pre burn in). The screen fills out the body great too. A $5 Tech21 case makes it great to hold in the hand. My best phone yet.

  5. Gary Papin

    This phone is great, even a year later, it has a decent price point but what is even better is how they were able to showcase the phone and hide the little booboo throughout this review. props to the editing and ideas on this video.

  6. Elizabeth S

    A year after the LG V35 introduction the price is now available for a good lower price for this excellent phone. If you are shopping for a newer phone I highly recommend taking a look at the LG V35 ThinQ.

    Was very sad when my 2015 LG V10 died 8 months ago. Needed a phone quick so I tried the Moto G6 and it was okay. Recently took my mother shopping to replace her old phone. She didn't see anything she liked and suggested that I give her my phone (which she likes) and purchase a new one for myself. After confirming that is what she really wanted I decided to look at replacing my phone again. The LG V35 ThinQ had the features and solid build that I was looking for plus headphone jack with DAC. Since I'm not a fan of side buttons I was relieved have the power button on back and the volume buttons on the left side where they are less obtrusive.

  7. Ryan Matthew

    After 9 months with the V35, i am bitterly disappointed. No software updates, gets lag in basically any slightly demanding game, i can't find any covers or protectors for this online, i put up an ad, and nobody is buying. Thankfully i got it for just 300 bucks though and am selling it to one of my family members cuz theirs broke. Stay away from this phone. Buying the Iphone 11 Instead when it comes out

  8. Natty

    The noise in the darker shots & the over saturation & jerkiness of the video recording puts me off. Its a nice looking phone though & one without those ugly notches that are so common now. I'd also prefer metal backed phones over glass as I don't care for wireless charging but nobody makes them anymore. I may instead opt for a Samsung S9 to upgrade from my S7 Edge.

  9. Ryan Matthew

    I for one didn't like it very much. I couldn't find any accessories for this phone in a local shop when i lost my cover. I've tried to sell it for 3 months and nobody's bought it yet. Also almost every phone is now android Pie but LG here is stuck on android oreo

  10. Non Binary Transgendered Teddy Bear Hamster

    This phone is really good but too bad the battery doesn't last the whole day as you mentioned. I used it heavily back when I still had it. My texting, video recording, YouTube watching, and occasional Pokemon go playing, greatly decreased the phone's daily battery storage to needing a recharge after just 2 hours of use. The phone's 6GB of ram would have you believe that the phone should have had a stronger battery but the manufacturer only gave it a 3100 mAh battery. It's because of the short battery life span that I switched to a Motorola g7. With it's 5000 mAh battery, this phone really takes a beating; lasting me about 8 hours of continuous use before needing a recharge.

  11. John Bales

    This morning I sat down and set up my new LG V35 ThinQ. This was my first Android phone (coming from a Windows phone I'd had for years) and I was apprehensive about getting it set up and being able to find things. The system actually walked me through what I needed to set up immediately, imported my contacts from Google Mail, walked me through setting up the WiFi connection…got me well settled in. I was surprised how easy it was to find the settings and customization…much more intuitive that Windows mobile. Sound quality is good, the OLED screen beautiful. Fast charging proved to actually be fast. Next I'm going to set up a wireless charging pad. I got mine through Cricket Wireless for $347.00, about half the price of a Samsung Galaxy S9, it's closest competitor. Look forward to learning to utilize all the features of the V35.

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