LG V35 ThinQ: Unboxing and Hands-On

Here’s our unboxing and hands-on with the new LG V35 ThinQ.
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36 Replies to “LG V35 ThinQ: Unboxing and Hands-On”

  1. JROD

    I know this video is old but I just stumbled upon the v35 recently on Amazon and they have it for $399 for Amazon Prime exclusive customers only. I bought one. It's completely unlocked no carrier boot up logos whatsoever. And every single Amazon pre-loaded application can be disabled or hidden.

    It's a fantastic phone and I can't find any reason not to like it. It's really quick. I enjoy using it especially the cameras. They are very very nice!

    Update 9 months later.

    STILL using it. Love it. It's still in mint condition. I cant find myself to use anything else at the moment and i have a 8gb/512gb note 9 also. Its just a nice quick phone thats easy in the hand so i keep using it. The quad dac headphone jack is sick!

    The only thing thats a bummer with this particular phone model is the lack of phone cases to chose from. The Dretal and TUDIA Merge cases are my 2 faves. Pretty much the best one's around for it anyways. If i had to gripe about something hardware wise on this phone it would be the speaker. Wish it was the boombox speaker thats on the V40. But with that tho, the speaker on it isnt too bad. It's loud just not as full sounding as the V40 Meridian tuned boombox speaker.

    Just wanted to give an update.✌

  2. A. Hazim

    Almost bought a V30 ringke case for my V35 luckily I watched this video before making the purchase. You’re correct eventhough they share the same body the camera lense is placed slightly lower on the V35

  3. Undesirable Loser

    Unless there's a modification to make it stereo make the earpiece as a speaker I know for the Samsung S8 Plus the international version there is an upgrade you can get for the US version or Canadian version there's nothing that sucks

  4. Undesirable Loser

    I know what you're going to say and no I do not wear headphones I don't like to wear them I know it's rude even when I take a bus trip or anything like that I still don't wear them I just don't like headphones I have to know my surroundings I just don't feel comfortable where I am so I got to have stereo sound

  5. Undesirable Loser

    Unfortunately the LG G7 doesn't have stereo speakers either I have the LG G5 I don't like it when you look at the display it looks like you're wearing Shades a pair of Shades it's got that gray tint that sucks some have to replace all my devices with Samsung S9 plus and works and I'll pay for it aren't they nice

  6. Undesirable Loser

    I'm going to buy the brand new Samsung S9 Plus I'm going to take the money from the register where I work so I can buy the Samsung S9 plus right from Samsung directly brand new I'm going to buy the 256 gig version I need that device I need stereo speakers I have to have it I have to get the cash to get it and work has the cash I don't care about my job I just want that device I want that device the Samsung S9 plus it's the only one out there with stereo speakers on it I can't deal without stereo speakers I have to have it I was thinking the ology would there's one on eBay for $180 this device but it doesn't have stereo speakers the cheapest S9 plus you can get six $700 or more if you want one in good shape

  7. Dr. donna Walter

    I think the video is good and suggest you keep it to you doing the review and eliminate the music which was both too loud and annoying but the information valuable. By chance have you had an opportunity to check out the V40 and compare it to this phone? If so, I would like to know your thoughts between the two. Thank you.

  8. David Martrano

    900.00 was too much. So I waited and got it for 529.00 with Amazon. This is a very good phone for the money. It's very compatible with the s9+. A deal I could not refuse!

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