LG V35 VS LG V40 In 2020! Is It Time To Upgrade?

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27 Replies to “LG V35 VS LG V40 In 2020! Is It Time To Upgrade?”

  1. 7bir7

    Just bought this from Amazon, but my phone has issues with image retention. Highly pronounced with Black Text on white background, ghosting can be seen switching between screens.

  2. JROD

    They're both great phones I have both of them but I tend to use the V35 more.

    If it weren't for the notch which let me mention is NOT a deal-breaker, The V40 would have been a 100% perfect phone. It basically would have been a V35 just bigger.

    The reason why I say the notch isn't a deal-breaker is because you CAN hide it FORECEFULLY at about 99.8% using NACHO NOTCH.

    Sadly And funny tho, NACHO NOTCH doesn't work for YouTube in horizontal mode….the 1 MAIN app I needed NACHO NOTCH to work 100% for. Other then that, all other apps on the V40 using NACHO NOTCH are NOTCH free.

    Vertically AND horizontally.

  3. Polyeith

    Just some feedback, try adding some graphics/text on screen when showing the specs of the phones, it'll help to improve video quality a little bit!

  4. Todd C

    As it is a near coin flip, I would say price and availability should dictate this. The V35 is so close that the advantages for the V40 is nearly unimportant. Of you are up between these two and you are not a huge camera user, grab the cheaper option. The V35 was used in this household and it was a great performer.

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