LG V35 VS LG V40 VS LG V50 in 2020 (Discussion)

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36 Replies to “LG V35 VS LG V40 VS LG V50 in 2020 (Discussion)”

  1. Andrew Alberti

    Watching on my v30. No notch and after 3 years and zero resets, still fast and battery at a reasonable capacity. I feel no reasons to upgrade. Hoping for a v70 without notch and perhaps I will consider

  2. Phong HO

    jump to v50 from note 9 and have to say i gonna jump back to note 9 again. Oled screen of v50 is a joke so DIM and not bright at all. its speaker worse than my iphone 3GS. I used LG G PRO, G4, V20, G7 and this V50 is the WORST of LG.

  3. jonathan taylor garcia 95

    Does anyone know what could be causing the speaker option not to work on a at lg v40 . The speaker phone worked properly until I upgrade to Android 10 . Two weeks ago . The ear speaker on top works only until I switch to speaker phone then they can't hear me.

  4. Michael Bekefi

    The T-Mobile variant of the V40 also has Android 10 officially. I got the update with a Straight Talk SIM installed before I changed to T-Mobile's new super cheap $15 plan.

    Also, the V40 (and I assume the V50) supports 15W wireless charging which I can confirm. It's not a huge difference but still a little faster.

  5. Pkboss

    Hey man why you dont like the Redmi Note 9S & find v35 better??
    I am thinking to buy phone so i do wanna know why v35 will be better

  6. pranay pandey

    Should I buy lg g7 thinq in 2020 l am from India currently using nokia 8.1 but I am not satisfied with nokia please confirm which one is better nokia or lg g7 thinq

  7. Rokas Anonimas

    eventually we will need a video with V60 which is still not perfect but I would say as a full package still one of the best phones of the market but to me V35 is the MVP just because of design and size while it is still a great phone fo an affordable price

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