LG V40 | Battery Life issue SOLVED!

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38 Replies to “LG V40 | Battery Life issue SOLVED!”

  1. Crystl22

    I've had this phone for a year & loved it. Then I started leaving it on the charger overnight while watching youtube & now the battery crashes quick in the cold & the battery is taking all day to charge. Any suggestions anyone?

  2. OriGinal. TK

    Ok I need an answer I bough a oem fast charger the other day but after some testing I noticed it doesn't fast charge my phone but it does for other like my note 8 I looked at the amp it's a 5-9V at 1.8A on the other hand my friend charger fast charges mines it's a Motorola 5V 3.0A
    Could that be the issues with mines also note on mines it says fast charging

  3. Kevin Whiting

    The v-series v40 especially gives you everything Samsung or Apple does except they give you more quadac mil-spec ratings two-year warranty Boombox speakers

  4. Carol Wilke

    I have the LG V20 and am on Sprint. Considering the V40 ThinQ. One Question: I see that the V40 has a NON replaceable battery. So, what happens if it dies in 1 year? Am I out an entire phone?
    I just did a speed test on my V20 on Spectrum Wifi and got 229 download and 11 upload. I took it off wifi and got 4.87 download and 1.86 upload. Thanks for your review/info.

  5. rajpradeep32

    Still cant understand whether LG really analyzed and designed this phone, to give it a battery size of 3300mah, com'on you give all the best facilities available to use the phone for multimedia but your battery size is so low, at least did you give a speed charger like oneplus, nope the LG phone charging time is more than 2+ hrs, I really had to charge this mobile twice a day, so after sometime I moved to huawei p30 pro, but the money spent for LG v40 is wasted.

  6. Serby Waffles Tech

    Only difference between the v40 and V35 is the 5 camera set up. Other than that, my LG V35 is super fast. Its lightning quick. I love everything about it. Cameras are great. Not gonna be like the pixel but no device is gonna produce pixel quality photos. I might sell my v35 and get the v40 for $220 on sale now.

  7. Roman Affolter

    Love this phone. I live in Canada and purchased the unlocked Sprint variant from eBay. Noticed it was stuck on Android 8.1. I downloaded the stock Pie firmware for the Unlocked version of this phone which is actually a different model number than my Sprint phone. I installed the stock firmware with LG up and everything works perfectly 😁👍

  8. Vicky V

    One of the reasons is bought the v40 is the battery. I love the audio and video. My battery is drained in less than a couple of hours. I bought it new still under warranty from LG for 2 years. Will LG replace my battery?

  9. smokUK

    I didn't watch you since my HTC Japanese edition.
    Remember I respected your view on the market as you can see the game.

    Now after a few years sitting on V30+ now and before V20 looking for what people say about V40 and then bang you again.

    Leave the iPhone and Samsung for the mainstream. lets enjoy Sabre Dac my friend.

  10. M.

    Watching from my V40. Did the same thing with the battery. Whatever I couldn't delete, I disabled. Got mine for $200 by the way :). Love it. Was using OnePlus 6T before but it's not in the same league lol. V40 is the truth.

  11. Fer

    Can you list any of those apps that are debloat-safe? Big up 😀

    I might soon decide to unlock bootloader & root this bad boy
    P.S: I'm a long V20 user, and it still with me. Can't miss that manual camera & IR blaster

  12. lghtskin36

    Hello i have sprint lg40 cracked screen and sprint won't fix it say they don't have parts i have to pay 275 to get another one has anyone else had this issue?

  13. Kevin Whiting

    Keep your brightness low as possible and close apps you don't need running killing your batt.. Adaptive batt is cool… high contrast screen or lg black themes in the Play Store if you're using wi-fi turn your mobile data off there's so many things you can do to optimize your battery if it's a problem and all this doesn't work get a ZeroLemon battery case and put your phone down for a bit LOL.. Get on Verizon and let this phone run like it's designed…

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