LG V40 In 2020! Still Worth It? Review

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The LG V40 came out in 2018, so how does it hold up in 2020? Let’s Find Out!

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48 Replies to “LG V40 In 2020! Still Worth It? Review”

  1. Serby Waffles Tech

    Finally got android 10 on my V40. Pound for pound best phone to buy in 2020 on the used market. Even now for a new phone you can find it for around 350. Put pix launcher on it and call it a day

  2. MT account

    good analysis on the camera….stick to the facts!!!!!!!!!!!! after presenting facts, do ANALYSIS….>> rewatch your video and every time you use the word "probably", "amazing" — those are useless comments. no rambling about other phones! at the end then ramble about whatever is banging around your Millennial head.. geeze

  3. MT account

    why are you talking about other phones? stick to talking to the freaking phone that is listed in the title; later, you do a comparison section in your unorganized, rambling video presentation. Stick to a logical, factual, organized structure. rambling…rambling…rambling…Millennial-speak… (remember, Millennials are the lowest performing generation in all of American history).

  4. MT account

    and the Android operating system is? Please cover the basics of the phone in the first minute of each video you do. Our time is valuable, we want an organized, factual presentation.

  5. Bin Li

    Does this model become laggy over time? I've used three LG machines, every single one worked perfectly in the beginning but became super laggy in the end. I don't know whether this is because of Android or just LG…

  6. rajpradeep32

    This is a great phone but the downside of this is the battery, it drains so fast and also it doesn't have a quick charger, had to move away from this device only cuz of the battery.

  7. StarBoy

    The software is just to clicks away!
    Go to settings you can have swipe up for apps and you can have list settings, exactly like the galaxy phones

  8. Waldman Jordaan

    I have a problem with the “5” cameras on my LG V40. I was always disappointed with the ‘TELEPHOTO camera’. To me the results from it looks like a cropped and then processed portion of the ‘NORMAL camera’. So I tested it and true as Bob, LG seem to use the same camera for both Normal and Telephoto. I’m a huge fan of LG phones and have had the G5, V20, V30 and now the V40. However, this is a copout from LG IMHO if this is true. Its not documented as far as I know. So whats the ‘3rd rear camera’ used for then? Maybe you guys can verify my findings and report back with a comment? That is maybe why 3rd party camera apps do not pickup the ‘tele’ camera? There are 2 cameras on the front, so that much is true anyway.

    Update 1: looks like all 3 cameras at the back does function, BUT: the telephoto camera only seems to operate in Triple-shot and Penta-shot. Go figure. During video the tele camera does not seem to operate at all, although one can choose its icon and the video is zoomed, but still only use the normal or super-wide camera.

    Update 2: I see AI Camera also lets you select the proper Telephoto camera and it does give more detail in that mode than the normal camera too. Ok, I'm learning every day. Would have been nice if one of the million V40 reviewers would have picked this up and given us all a heads-up on this issue. So, it seems like the only capture modes where the Telephoto camera is used when selected is: 'IA Camera', 'Triple Shot' and 'Penta Shot'. That's my findings anyway. Do you happy snappers get the same from your V40?

  9. Harys Viewty

    I disliked when you said s9+ is a better phone
    This v40 has most of s10+ features (cameras, hdr10+ equivalent playback recorder, wide steady vid etc), it has qc4 (s10 qc2), quaddac, boombox + ras

  10. Bryant Allen

    I couldn't afford any of these new gaming phones so i just picked up the fully Unlocked LG V40 (V405QA7) which has about 30 different BANDS supporting any carrier including BANDS 66 and 71. Which work perfect on the carrier i use, T-Mobile. The fully unlocked model actually has USB-C to HDMI out through Slimport. Some models do not have this. Like the FM radio. Also another bonus is the community over at "XDA" has gained ROOT on the V40, except for the T-Mobile variant. It'll eventually get ROOT. That's why i hunted the fully unlocked version. They actually used a engineering bootloader file from the V35, to force flash its bootloader to one of the V40's boot partitions. Pretty clever, that someone realized that the SD845 has a open back door. Kind of like forcing the ESS SABRE qDAC in high impedance mode just by holding the mic or play button down on the earbuds while plugging them in. I just figured this out today when plugging in the LG earbuds.
    I haven't seen anyone post this on the XDA forums, so i should get over there and start posting. But, before that, let me tell you guys and girl's what i did with my V40.
    I got the Unlocked V40 soon as i heard that ROOT was possible. Most probably know about LG's infamous micro stutter and thermal throttling when the phone isn't even hot. The first thing to fix is the micro stutter in games and software. All that needs to be done, is to change the temperature threshold in the thermal.conf.file. LG sets the Adreno 630 GPU to throttle at 50°c. That is way to low of a throttle temp. The reason Oneplus phones are so fast is they have a much higher thermal throttle temp set. So, basically changing the Adreno 630's thermal throttling temp to 80°c will guarantee no micro stutters in games. The Adreno 630 will stay at 700MHz just like Oneplus phones do. You can also set the temperature parameters on the Snapdragon 845's CPU cores. Overclocking the 2.80GHz HP (high performance) cluster to 3GHz (2.96GHz) is even possible. So, that takes care of the Snapdragon 845, so it can run thermally unconstrained. Next thing is the battery. In the same thermal.conf.file, you can even set the phone to charge at a 2000mlv while using the phone. LG has it set to slow charge when using it.
    The model i picked up was brand new in the box, unopened for $250. A $60 Otterbox Defender series Screenless Edition case and clip came with it. The owner only had 10 and i got the last one. If your not sure which Unlocked version of the V40 you get or got. A pair of LG ear buds will come in the box. Also the model number should be V405QA7. Don't let some of these eBay sellers pull a fast one with a LG V40 Unlocked on there title. There usually a GSM unlocked AT&T or T-Mobile phone, or some other carrier. To get even more performance out of the Unlocked V40, updating the Adreno 600 series GPU driver's. Though, this has to be done manually by a mod. Also updating the Vulkan driver is a 10% performance boost to the GPU. Lets just say my V40 with the mods is more like a SD845+. Its within 10% of the Adreno 640. Which has 50% more ALU's (GPU cores/Floating Point Units) 768ALU's to 512ALU's. It helps out with more than just games too.
    The LG V35 (ULM) like the Google Fi variant is a great phone too. It's basically an upgraded V30 with a better P-OLED and SD845. If the LG V40 isn't available, get the LG V35 (ULM). Its worth the compromise in features. Which isn't much. Some people just can't handle the notch. It doesn't bother me. One more thing. The v40 that I got had a manufacturer's build date of December 5th 2019 so that makes this specific v40 only 6 months old and the battery life shows this. I get 8 hours of onscreen time of fairly hard use. I never thought a 3300mAh battery could last quite that long but, it did. Plus i'm running a complete stock version of Android 10. If anyone has any questions, hit us up over at the XDA forum's. Sorry about the smartphone biography. Just sharing my experiences with one of the most underrated phones on the market. Liked the vid. Keep it up.

  11. Kool K

    Pie ran so much smoother for me. 10 runs slower and laggy on my V40. I dislike the Android 10 icons and fonts too.

    The Android 10 camera software is different and it runs slow. I'm not a fan.

    I don't want to be a negative Ned but my phone is no longer the same. 😔

  12. Domo Nel

    One of the few 2018 phones that has mostly everything by 2020 standards. OLED, 2K display, modern design, triple camera, 4K 60, DAC, water proof and wireless charging. Software updates only thing holding it back.

  13. Kevin Whiting

    This phone is even more underrated now cuz you can get it for so cheap and it's got that glorious Quad HD screen everybody's going back to 1080 f*** that my next phone is probably going to be this Sony Xperia Mark II beautiful beautiful phone and they brought the headphone jack back

  14. Jackson Smith

    I'm currently rocking the Pixel 3A XL, which is newer than the LG V40, but I want something with a little extra punch, because although I love my Pixel and it will stay updated for another 2 years……it's just plain and a little dull. Don't get me wrong, the night sight mode is amazing…..but other than that, there really isn't anything to rave about on this phone. I want something that is cheap, but is more feature packed than Pixel phones. Well, and my Pixel phone front facing camera doesn't open, but that's besides the point lol

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