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  1. H TRAIN

    Software is only issue with this phone you might not notice it but if you know tech you will I just sent my lgv50 back I'm on super high speed wifi and at times it lagged and was buggy with 855 im a fan of lg but I think I don't like the v series and I'm staying away

  2. Kevin Whiting

    I just recently got another lgv40 because my nephew screwed my screen up by dropping the wrench in it… I could have got the V 60 but why.. I'll wait for the 6.4 inch 4K display V70

  3. Connie Gee

    I appreciate that you have your phone on a stand rather than in your hand. I bought the LG V30 two years ago and am ready for an upgrade. BHPhotoVideo is now selling this 2018 model for $349

  4. Roberto Rodriguez

    Its 4/29/2020 and i just bought an Lg V40 and i really really love it Lg V40 is a beast and yes its very smooth, screen is amazing nice and sharp love the oled that super black is amazing , very speedy, love it got it on eBay for only $230 wow such a still love this phone its still a beast of a phone for 2020 yesss..love your videos too brother keep at it you have a new subscriber 🙂

  5. Kenneth Leland

    Pristine, could you please do an LG V40 in 2020?
    Did updates make a big difference with the cameras and so on?
    Price for this new has dropped substantially and I hope you think it's worth taking another look at.
    Thank you and God bless.

  6. Serby Waffles Tech

    Just got this on amazon for $200 used. It came looking brand new. Best phone ive ever got my hands on period. There is nothing bad about this device. Battery could be bigger but its not a issue. It charges super fast. Its just like my V35 but with 5 cameras and ultra wide selfie that is just boss. Amazing.


    It's good to know you're a console guy I'm the same way as you I'm a console guy but I have to admit Call of Duty mobile Mario Kart are badass console like games that you can play quick without getting yourself annoyed is really good at the purpose I bought it for us to make it into a multi-purpose phone but the backup phone that also has good cameras along with handling so much console Retro Gaming emulation and this thing can handle tentative PS2 PS1 Dreamcast Saturn so this is console gaming at its best with a Bluetooth controller or even an Xbox controller and not to mention you can stream some PlayStation 4 and mostly I could do Xbox Cloud so this is ridiculously awesome


    Pristine you're doing an amazing job I got mad love for you great great review I just picked one up used you know what like little bit of scuffs here and there and it was locked to AT&T and I paid 220 but I'm very happy with it and it's just a phone I'm going to use as a backup streaming device that I can TV out like an Android box as well as multiple profile device for kids and my wife in case we need a backup phone as well as the main reason I thought it was for making it a portable gaming device that plays hardcore games I already have a one plus 7 Pro and that is the baddest phone on the planet but what I have to say is that this phone I got for my little brother and I picked it up again at this price even though I have to unlock it later it's no problem at all this phone is cool the mobile I mean the different profiles I'll have to root it unfortunately but I have to do what I have to do but it's a really good phone I think everyone sleeps on LG because their quality of screen when it was LCD was not good and the battery was too weak in this case they've checked all the boxes I would like more RAM leader but they did a good job right now and the battery is weak but it charges fast so that's kind of good it has an incredible doc it has proof that you have an earphone jack and it's waterproof dustproof the cameras are amazing just like you said Prestige you are the man the one thing is I wish that they had dual speakers but guess what that speaker is good enough it goes above and beyond even when you put a Bluetooth controller around it it's still good so I'm not crying about nothing it's got 64 gigs and you can probably put in I mean you can put in an SD card and it's just all-around good

  9. DBO 89

    I'm A Huge Fan Of LG As Well.What Are Your Thoughts On The LG V50 5G vs. Galaxy Note 10 Plus 5G?In General I Do Alot Of YouTube & Netflix.Who Has A Sharper Image?I Know LG Has The TV Game On Lock But As Far As Displays On Phones,Who Would You Say Is Sharper..LG Or Samsung?Also I Don't See Many Reviews At All On The LG V50.If You Get Around To It,I Look Foward To A Review On That Phone!I Am Digging Your Channel!Keep The Content Coming. #Salute Peace & Blessings

  10. Jason Mims

    Something I noticed is that this phone is very slippery. I had to get a case the day after I got it because it was constantly falling out my hands and I had many close calls. 😥

  11. EB J

    If I never purchased one already ,man your review would have made me.. great review bro..I haven't received it yet but I'm pretty excited now..God bless bro..

  12. D hookster

    I will be a happy owner of this phone in 2 days when it gets here! I've been a LG user since the days when i got a hold of G2 and have been a fan since! I loved my G3 until i cracked the screen! 🙁

  13. Josh Monroe

    Just ordered one for $399 off Amazon coming from an LG G6 so this should be a really nice upgrade for me it will be here Monday wonderful review keep up the great work!

  14. lochinvar50

    I listen to music much but I don't want spotify. I just want to hear my collection of music. You didn't show the capability of the device using the stored music in the projected 2tb slot.

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