LG V40 Redux: Is this the best deal on the used market?

The LG V40 is an amazing deal on the used market.
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The LG V40 ThinQ is somewhat of an underrated phone from 2018. It released at $999, but is it worth buying now that it’s come down so much in price? Find out if the LG V40 ThinQ is worth buying in 2020 in today’s Redux video.

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22 Replies to “LG V40 Redux: Is this the best deal on the used market?”

  1. Luo Zheng

    I'm still thinking if i should get v40 or v50? v40 because of design specially red one and price. v50 because of battery, update support but $60 more expensive.

  2. Alex K

    I've had an LG v40 for a while now and if the cameras are as bad as everybody says they are cameras on other phones must be absolutely amazing because I love the cameras on mine. The zoom lens could be better because it doesn't always activate in lower light but other than that I really have no complaints.

  3. Bryant Allen

    I got a brand new Fully Unlocked LG V40 (QA7) with a $60 Otterbox case for $250. Not a bad deal. The manufacturing build date was Dec.5th 2019. So, the phone was basically brand new and Acuutebattery health says its 100%.
    I haven't had any issues with the 🔋 getting about 10hrs Of on screen time with moderate to heavy use. Not to bad for a 3300mAh battery. The V40 has enough options and settings to get the screen the way you want it. Also it's the same with the video/camera along with audio. All in all it's a awesome phone for $250. Especially that i run with T-Mobile and it has all the BANDs including BAND 66 and 71. The SD845 and Adreno 630 is definitely great. Also, XDA has gained ROOT on the V40 (except the T-Mobile variant). So i have stock Android 10 with most of LG's important apps like the camera and music player. Full control of the ESS SABRE qDAC. I was getting about 355,000 points in Antutu 8 for a reference. 110,000 CPU and 145,000 GPU. After the SD845+ (ROG Phone 1) 2.96GHz clock mod with the 725MHz overclock to the Adreno 630 (512ALU's/900GFlops) it boosted scores and user experience noticeably. About 130,000 CPU and 170,000 GPU.
    Removing the thermal throttling thresholds LG puts on all there phones up until the LG V50, is known to cause micro stutters in games and cause low temp throttling. I modified the thermal.conf.file so none of that is an issue anymore.
    One biggie, that most reviewers miss, is that the QA7 Unlocked version has a built in FM radio and Slimport (USB-c to HDMI out) from the USB-c 1.0 port. Even though its only USB 2.0 transfer speeds, its enough to push 1440p60/4K60. I've been with LG since the LG v10, v20, v30, v35 and now the V40. I'll probably get the V50 because of the 4000mAh 🔋 compared to 3300mAh in the V40. Also, the SD855 SOC with a Vapor Chamber and seamless camera bump. Also, it will no doubt overclock to the SD855 Plus's frequencies, which gives the Adreno 640 just over 1Teraflop of FP32 compute performance, while using just 256 more ALU's (768ALU's). The SD865's Adreno 650 has over 1.2Teraflops of FP32 compute using 1,024ALU's. So, Qualcomm are now actually giving you more GPU cores, floating point vector units, ALU's, whatever they want to call them, with each GPU update. Though, the Adreno 630 with 512ALU's is enough to get anyone through until there next upgrade. I've got the SD845's 4x A75 Kryo HP cores running at 2.96GHz and the Adreno 630 running at 725MHz.
    Performance scales excellent with frequency on these Snapdragon SOC's. That's why the SD855+ is comparable to the SD865. In GPU terms. 1TFlop compared to 1.2TFlops is not noticeable. Anyway that's my 2cents, hope any of this info shed some light Qualcomm's black box, known as the Adreno GPU.

  4. StarBoy

    I owned a V40 Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a
    The best was the V40 then Pixel 3 then Pixel 3a! I absolutely disagree that you said Pixel 3a is better than the V40 is not even close

  5. John Connor

    Tips for getting better battery life: 1. Use dark mode 2. Turn screen resolution to 1080P. I'm consistently getting 6.5 hours SOT like this. Love the V40.

  6. Kevin Whiting

    It is better than all those phones you I'm on Android Q have been for about a month now have had this phone since it came out and it is wonderful no need to upgrade to the V60 and downgrade my glorious Quad HD Plus display

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