LG V40 Review: 5 Reasons To Buy, 900 Reasons To Wait

The LG V40 ThinQ is the first 5-camera smartphone to hit the U.S. market. Ultra-wide, wide and telephoto lenses combine to give it more versatility than any other smartphone camera … in theory. The real-world experience is somewhat different, but the V40’s real problem is likely to be the price LG wants at release. Join me for the LG V40 Review!



MrMobile’s LG V40 ThinQ Review was produced following seven days using an LG V40 ThinQ review device provided by LG. Prerelease device running prerelease software. Tested on Project Fi / T-Mobile US in Greater Boston, MA and New York City, NY.


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36 Replies to “LG V40 Review: 5 Reasons To Buy, 900 Reasons To Wait”

  1. A D

    portrait copied from apple??

    yea not true lg never touched ios tech

    i used to work at a phone company and help them build a phone i can promise you there is no copy at all

    every fucking phone has a portrait even the old ones

  2. daniel kim

    I've stuck with LG up until V30.

    Their hardwares are always very underrated, but their update cycles and longevity due to their poor software support pushed me to move to OnePlus. Unfortunate. Loved their phones.

  3. W Sound

    Don't believe this guy!!! If you are a content creator who want pro features on a phone, this phone can't be beat. Two words… manual mode!!! If he knew how to use it… well enough said.

  4. Not The One

    I just bought a like new refurbished V40 for $200. I told some friends and they bought one also. A great phone for $200, I would never spend $900 on any phone.

  5. Aaa Aaa

    I want to ask you about the boot loop problem is it happening to this phone does it have this problem or any
    Please I want answers

  6. Jonathan Riley

    I love my LG V40. I got it several months ago and have had no problems with it. I upgraded from the LG V10, which was also a great phone. Yes I use my phone for a few years. I do not pay several hundred dollars just to upgrade every year. Many people waste their money doing that. I'll probably upgrade in a few years… Maybe LG V70… I'll skip the 50 and 60. Like I did the 20 and 30 lol. Oh yeah and I love the preinstalled music app on all LGs.

  7. uraidodot

    I hate idiotic comments by reviewers equating weight with value. I moved away from Samsung and it wasn't for lack of money. It was because the line became tanks of weight.

  8. fnk8833

    This is the proof in the pudding. Some phone techs praise the V40 cameras. And some thinks they're just OK. Always judge for yourself🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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