LG V40 Review – Hidden Advanced Features!

If there’s one reason to buy the LG V40, LG’s latest flagship, it’s ALL about its 5 cameras, the most cameras on a smartphone to date until Samsung copies and launches the Galaxy S10 next year. With 3 dedicated rear cameras and 2 front cameras, the LG V40 can give you more camera angles from a single smartphone than any other smartphone on the market. In this review, I really wanted to focus on its 5 cameras, since the LG V40 is really about the cameras along with its hidden advanced features w/ its manual mode you probably will never use unless you watch this video. Read written review here:(concise short written version as the video review was not scripted)
Ringke cases for LG V40:

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26 Replies to “LG V40 Review – Hidden Advanced Features!”

  1. Sniper Pro nerf mods

    You missed the game fps and resolution auto change, game break, eq your boombox, movable and addable nav bar, awesome keybaord, you can use a mic and headphones at the same time with the camera, super aggressive earpeice noise reduction, phone call synced vibrating, no animations, and uses asap launcher with moonshine

  2. Mark Collins

    Hey Max, Great review on advanced features and manual settings. What about call quality, I had a V20 but the call quality was nowhere near as good as my older G4….very tinny call quality in comparison, is the V40 a match for a G4 for making regular calls, important in my job as I am speaking to clients, thanks

  3. ymmij1973

    do these lg have the shrink screen option like the v20 had. by sliding your finger across the bottom 3 control touch buttons? to make the screen smaller? and also the dual screen option?

  4. Dante Johnson

    I had a galaxy S9 and gave it to my grandma when she needed an upgrade and got this, despite the five lenses I would say there's definitely other phone for the same price with better cameras but the phone is damn good and has plenty of features and a constantly decreasing price after release date that should definitely make you consider it

  5. Daisy Patritio

    The entire video is awe-inspiring but the following comment that you also made available as text is especially valuable:

    "You can use the camera in manual mode with auto settings but this will give you the extra ability to take photos in RAW. For those of you who know a little bit about editing RAW photos with Photoshop, you will be able to take full advantage of LG V40’s camera. It’s actually not that hard for basic photo processing, you can just use Photoshop and usually just bring up the saturation all the way along with adjustment for highlights and shadows. Simply doing this and comparing with photos in auto mode proves edited RAW photos are much better.

    There are also numerous apps you can use to accomplish the same thing, I should have a tutorial on that soon, make sure to subscribe to my channel so you will get notifications when I upload it.

    Question #1: Did you upload that tutorial already? If you did, I will gladly subscribe.
    Question #2: What is that device with the two handles on top of the tripod that you are using to encase the LG V40? Thank you.

  6. I vo

    I have the v20, which has a 135° wide angle camera and recently bought the v40 and it's wide camera is somewhat semi wide (only 107°) compared to it's predecessor.

  7. Junk Man Channel

    v40 thinQ is great. if youre looking to buy a new expensive iphone or samsung.. dont. buy this one used instead for 150-200ish. highly recommended. if youre rich go buy a new expensive phone.

  8. Omizuke

    The locked boot loader really is a problem. I'm still on the V20, and I'm looking at other LG phones all the ones for T-Mo are unlockable for now. And root is a a hassle when possible, I like disabling or removing pretty much everything I don't use, including some google and social media bloatware.

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