LG V40 ThinQ In Mid 2020! You Can't Go Wrong With $200 Flagship Smartphone!

Buy LG V40 ThinQ


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25 Replies to “LG V40 ThinQ In Mid 2020! You Can't Go Wrong With $200 Flagship Smartphone!”

  1. Balli Gordon

    Your videos are the best when Christmas comes i want u to do a videos of the lg phones prices because prices will drop on Christmas💯💯💯💯💯

  2. Sum Dood

    Even brand new (old stock), these phones are about $300. For a decently current series octa-core CPU, with 6GB of RAM, there's nothing similar on the market for the price. Limited RAM is usually what causes noticeable slowdowns in phones rather than CPU.

  3. Captain Morgan

    I just picked up a V40 open box (New Condition) for $239.00. It updated to Android 10 and the June Security patch as soon as I put my sim in. It is good to be back with LG, had a V20 in the past. Awesome cameras, beautiful display, Boombox resonance chamber, Quad Dac, battery life last all day. The V40 is stacked!!

  4. M

    Dude I just found your channel and I was presently surprised and pleased at a same time.
    Most of YouTubers only focus on latest flagship and forget on older devices. On the other hand your are encouraging people that the older y flagship and midrange are worth considering over the new phones and thus saving a lot of money at a same time.
    I am using Mate 10 pro , 6 months after its launch for (450€) and I have no complaints on it. It runs like from the first day, great battery, good camera and more. Recently got android 10 and EMUI runs with out any lag. I will use this phone for another year or two .
    Subscribed .
    Hope your channel gets the recognition it deserves . And keep on the great work.

  5. Tomcat___

    I get this phone 2 weeks ago, replacing my aging Galaxy S7. I originally intended to buy an S10e but this V40 is awesome for the price! Better video camera than any Samsung flagship, better sound quality, a great display and a nice design. Its a good deal for less than $200

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