LG V40 ThinQ | Love & Hate

The LG V40 ‘ThinQ’ has finally launched in the UK in 2019, and I’ve been using it as my personal smartphone. Ahead of my full V40 review, here’s my love/hate list after a few days, so you can get a brief idea of the best and worst features of LG’s super-premium handset.

While I still love LG’s excellent G7 flagship phone, and I’m hoping the upcoming G8 will keep up standards, the V40 has a lot to offer – especially in the camera stakes. The ultra-wide and telephoto lenses help the LG V40 to stand toe-to-toe with Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro when it comes to flexibility, as well as photo and video quality. As usual, this ThinQ phone boasts an incredible range of features, courtesy of LG’s smart UI. And those specs are strong.

As well as the swift performance, the V40 boasts amazing battery life. However, we’re not such big fans of the charger…

And other aspects of LG’s first 2019 UK launch also impress us less – such as the lack of a dazzling finish, that dedicated Google Assistant button and the older Android Oreo OS.

Stay tuned for a full review of the LG V40, and you can see my full camera comparison with the Huawei Mate 20 Pro right now!

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  1. Tech Spurt

    That triple-lens rear camera is a serious rival to the Mate 20 Pro – check out my tri-camera comparison for a closer look at photo and video quality 馃檪

  2. Grand Slam

    I thought your comment on the plug what they were thinking it's about me and my connector next to my nightstand and how perfectly that fits with it going to the side

  3. Kody C

    Just got my v40 bought off amazon new in box factory unlocked for $230 out the door sooooooo much phone for under 300 best deal on any phone imo the thing I love most is the screen feeling on my fingers it feels like silk and the speaker setup is down right bonkers for the price I don't even use my Bluetooth speaker with this phone just put it on the table and watch everyone light up and ask you where this much sound is coming from Oh and it is running pie I would DEFINITELY recommend to anyone looking for a new phone save your self 600 bucks and get a flagship phone for less than half of what other phones cost this phone is worth way more than what you can buy it for!!!

  4. Casey Steve

    Please what's the Amps of your LG charge and I would appreciate if I could see the a clear pic of the charger because I lost mine I've been buying rubbish. please I would love to buy the original.. thanks you sir

  5. Peter

    The LG V series should have kept the removable battery, it made it unique. The V20 made waves when it came out, in part because content creators liked that feature. Without it, the 30 and 40 just got lost in the shuffle. Water resistance is good, but they should have figured out a way to do it while still having a swappable battery. It's like "why should I get an LG and not a Samsung or an Apple?" Simple question right? Are you going to convince people that the cameras are better? How about the screen, or the build? Being able to say "because the LG has a removable battery" was a simple and compelling reason to choose LG over the others. They were foolish to let that go.

  6. Tim R.

    It's not a surprise that LG looks like a underdog if they release their phone more than 4 months after introduction..
    And LG has so much more stupid ideas like reducinv the wide angle to a level that it's almost useless, using a assistent button that isn't remapable, using small sensors in a huge phone etc…

  7. Mason U

    This guy is a flat-out liar! The Google Assistant button is useless OMG wow go ahead and do it the long way I guess! What a loser 馃槀

  8. Ronald Cheng

    Is it too difficult for LG to follow Xiaomi's business model? I see LG is shrinking like Sony is now. Both LG and Sony want to be stubborn, be my guest. Such companies don't deserve to even exist.

  9. Jonas Petersen

    I got distracted after Oreo was mentioned. Its like LG wants to fail on their phone division.. I mean the hardware is fine, but battery and software updates suck compared to the competition.. too bad

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