LG V40 ThinQ Review After 2 Months!

After over 2 months, here is a review of LG’s latest flagship – the V40 ThinQ! See if the V40 is the best phone you can get right now! Subscribe for more:

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31 Replies to “LG V40 ThinQ Review After 2 Months!”

  1. 1thess523

    I am using the V20 but my son's V30 died so he got the V60 and I got his V30 replaced under extended warranty but they sent a V40 as a replacement which I might be switching to even though my V20 is still working but tjat screen burn is getting bad even though i use a low screen light and I've combined my icons into 1 folder on my main screen.

  2. Donnovan Mason

    Honestly, for the price of this phones it's literally the best phone to be made. An 845 and 6 GB's of RAM and a Adreno 630 paired with a 3K screen. It really just doesn't get better then that.

  3. ADP

    Does this Phone have Wireless charging? I heard it does, but nothing is sayed in the manual about wireless charging. Are all the LG V40ThinQ phones the same, or is there different versions? Mine is a Unlocked GSM from ATT off Amazon.

  4. madamfreak

    its meh..it has glitches..it will go portrait mode when portrait mode is toggled off…it becomes non responsive at times..it doesnt show full views for videos when portrait mode is turned on..the vidoe diesnt show full screen…its not worth the cost…battery life is good and volume is good…keyboard customization is lmited and emojis are still too small for my eyes

  5. santos okwadi

    The finger print magnet line in smartphone reviews with Glass back doesnot make any sense. What do you expect from them anyway. I think its irrelevant to even critic that part.

  6. Jayson Bumagat

    1. Go to Settings
    2. Search for Brief Notifications
    3. Turn on Sidelight
    The side of the phone lights up whenever you receive notifications when your phone is locked.
    Enjoy! Thanks me later.

  7. Çode X

    About battery – it's 3300 mah but still manages to beat samsung note 9 and iPhone in battery drain test so don't go on numbers.
    Also it has fast charge which charges 100% in 1hr 20mins……so u get full day battery with one charge for sure.

    That lite wait, gives it extra premium feeling.

    About camera, it's manual mode is way better than any other phone… probably even better than iPhone,

    I'm pretty much big fan of iPhone but this is the only android phone which I think deserves more rates knowing it's price can be as low as 22000₹ on special occasions and also comes with millitary grade protection + that beast manual camera mode + wireless charging + ip68 water and dust resistance body 🙂

  8. frankie rivers

    This phone is good for the first 2 weeks then the battery starts draining even when phone is not being used over night
    Or when i have it on airplane mode during work i spend money on a shitty phone

  9. Joe Campbell

    I can't figure out why when I'm trying to stream live to a Facebook site and I'm using the live camera on my V40, the camera switches back to the home page after a minute or two. Why would this be happening?

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