LG X Power Full Review

Hello there everybody, and welcome to this video review of the LG X Power. This is the most detailed review of the LG X Power ( It is a long review on purpose. The purpose of this longer review is help you make a decision rather or not to purchase it or not. In this review we will cover all you need to know about the LG X Power so when you leave this video you will know everything that you need to know about this phone. What are your favorite features of the LG X Power? Share those below. Did I miss anything that you would like to see in the LG X Power? Go ahead and drop those down below in the comment section of this video 🙂

LG X Power Pricing and info:

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21 Replies to “LG X Power Full Review”

  1. Larry

    I have only watched this video and I am super impressed. The only comment I want to make is the speed that you use to display what you are talking about. You young that know all the nicks and crannies of electronics need to slow the presentation for us older types. You obviously know your subject. I am at a point with my x power that I am replacing it with a new one. I came looking for an explanation of home to copy all the info to be transferred to the new phone. I would like to know all about my phone and it takes time…at 72 I don't have a ton left. I am also want to experience virtual reality with this phone. I have purchased the headgear. What is a good app to have a fine experience?

  2. Alarm Tech911

    I had this phone, it was really good. It would sometimes freeze but it was rare. LTE speeds (Boost mobile) were excellent because this phone had the LTE Plus bands. It is very economic too. I broke it and my deductible was very fair

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