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  1. Light

    Recommend LG fiesta. You can buy it for $50-$65 and the battery is 4500 mAh instead of 4000 mAh. Also processor is 1.4 GHz instead of 1.3 GHz. Love it.

    Edit: I have no idea why I'm watching this lol

  2. Shubham -Hindu

    Don't purchase this shit phone..I'm saying this from my 1 year experience on this same phone shit Xpower..This phone doesn't even give you proper phone range and internet is sometimes horrible..You can't do anything I lost my ₹15,000 for this phone and my biggest mistake was purchasing this phone..
    I'm using k220dsz model which can't even give me fast processing as I expected in this price range and for graphics games like pubg it is horrible choice..It doesn't even have any seperate memory card slot you have to use hybrid sim and memory card slot for both..Buy this phone if you want to lose your money and give your money for free to lg company..

  3. 9hax

    My LG X Power has some major flex problems, when i press on the lg logo on the lower side of the display, screen shows some white waves near the sppt i pressed. Very instable. Also, my battery lasts for around 14 Hours and goes down like sh!t below 15%. Imagine, you got around 14% left, run for the Charger!, it will only last around 2 minutes now!
    Third annoying thing: its not rootable. You cannot unlock the bootloader or any fancy stuff. No LineageOS or other distros.
    Also, my screen was not responding, i did volume down+power (like sometimes suggested if the phone freezes) and bam! Bootloop! ADB helped me to factory reset after 2 hours of adb spamming to the phone..
    Also.. LG did an update and it f*cked up the notification bar, which at that point could not be swiped down. TechService said: try to reset. Nothing changed. One MONTH LATER THERE WAS AN UPDATE RESOLVING THIS. THATS WAY TOO LONG!
    Next phone will probanly be a samsung phone, they dont disallow rooting…
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  4. ramen noodle

    this phone looks exactly the tribute hd does the x power have a gyroscope sensor for vr headset cause the tribute hd does not and that would be a good selling point,but none of you product testers have addressed this.

  5. Gabriel Gasiorowski

    One thing I look for in reviews of budget phones is whether they feature expandable memory partitioning (so apps can be downloaded to the SD card). I didn't see that info in the review and would appreciate it!

  6. RJ Rayan

    Try out Lenovo P2 … It has 5100 Mah battery , 5.5 inchSuper Amoled FHD display , Snapdragon 625 , metallic built , and gorilla glass protection

  7. Timothy Joshua

    I had the LG Stylo and the gps lagged and lagged… I am really attracted to this phone's battery life but GPS is very important to me. Do anyone had any bad experience with X Power gps?

  8. Thomas Davie

    i picked up this phone a couple of months ago and for the price its definitely worth it very little to no lag enough storage and the battery is great

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