LG X Power Review

If you want a dirt-cheap phone with a huge battery, LG has got something for you: the LG X Power with its 4,100mAh battery…

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45 Replies to “LG X Power Review”

  1. chantelle.

    why compare a budget phone to a a flasgship phone? we know it's not going to be as good as a galaxy s9 or something, it's not comparable BECAUSE it's a BUDGET PHONE! compare it to other budget phones! grrrrr.

  2. Shubham -Hindu

    Don't purchase this shit phone..I'm saying this from my 1 year experience on this same phone shit Xpower..This phone doesn't even give you proper phone range and internet is sometimes horrible..You can't do anything I lost my ₹15,000 for this phone and my biggest mistake was purchasing this phone..
    I'm using k220dsz model which can't even give me fast processing as I expected in this price range and for graphics games like pubg it is horrible choice..It doesn't even have any seperate memory card slot you have to use hybrid sim and memory card slot for both..Buy this phone if you want to lose your money and give your money for free to lg company..


    I have noticed as a reviewer that you always put budget phones down…You have hardly nothing good to say about them and you always compare them to high end devices which is pathetic really.

  4. Daniel Marrett

    Enjoy your reviews. I bought one these as a backup phone. It works so well I use it often for the battery life. For adult use of email, messaging, phone calls, browsing and video watching it is a lot of value for the money. I paid just $39 without a port in or new line etc. For lightweight users like me its great.

  5. Ricanfever Rodriguez

    X POWER BLOWSSS … DO NOT buy this piece of Shit of a phone. Been had it for a year now and I literally went out of my way to look for any Xpower review just to express how shitty this phone really is. Don't even bother cause you'll be literally throwing away your money .. Phone is so overrated …

  6. Jon Sage

    I've just gotten the xpower two days ago. There are two impressive factors that come with the phone. First an foremost the battery is insanely preserving and it will last amazingly above 50% by the end of your day at around 11pm.

    And the screen ratio is also really nice to look at, the 5.3 inch screen along with the HD resolution on the phone makes the screen look even better than on paper. Sure it's not 4kHD, but it's still well significant enough to feel satisfactory.

    Just be sure to not charge your battery over night before it dies, keep the battery healthy. The cameras struggle in low light, with pixel circulation and static. But in high light. The campe

  7. Jerry Washington

    This is my last LG phone! unnecessary phone does not come ready to use out of the box. I'm having a problem sending an attachment (picture). This should be so so simple!

  8. Sean Mac

    Thanks for mentioning the speaker and call quality-it sucks. I want a phone I can use mostly for calls so I don't want this one, even for free.

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