LG X Power Unboxing – 4100mAH Battery Monster

This is the unboxing of the LG X Power. It has a unimpressive 5.3″ display packed with 277ppi and a body made of plastic. But highlight here is the 4100mAH battery inside this phone. It can last me through 3 days of average use.

Performance isn’t the strong suite for this budget phone, although it handles everything very smooth. and you can Pokemon GO on it!!

Forgot to mention but it has 2GB of RAM and 16GB storage expandable

Here for the full review:

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30 Replies to “LG X Power Unboxing – 4100mAH Battery Monster”

  1. Shubham -Hindu

    Don't purchase this shit phone..I'm saying this from my 1 year experience on this same phone shit Xpower..This phone doesn't even give you proper phone range and internet is sometimes horrible..You can't do anything I lost my ₹15,000 for this phone and my biggest mistake was purchasing this phone..
    I'm using k220dsz model which can't even give me fast processing as I expected in this price range and for graphics games like pubg it is horrible choice..It doesn't even have any seperate memory card slot you have to use hybrid sim and memory card slot for both..Buy this phone if you want to lose your money and give your money for free to lg company..

  2. Bryan Ramos

    That knife doesn't suck, you just don't know how to use it properly… Also, a little bit of research before you review an item doesn't hurt (that back cover is not removable)…

  3. Greg Lee

    Dude, if u don't know what the hell your doing, then don't do unboxing videos…. U suck!! And your dry as hell man… U act like u never held or reviewed a damn phone. Get the fuck off YouTube!!

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