LG's G7 One pitches Android One to the mainstream

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35 Replies to “LG's G7 One pitches Android One to the mainstream”

  1. root9065

    2:47 – it has the same 16 MP Sony sensor that the V30 and G7 ThinQ has, not a 12 MP sensor. The camera sensor is incredibly capable, at 10 bits, and able to capture more than 1 billion colors, compared to 16.5 mil which is what most 8 bit camera sensors capture. The tragedy is not that the wide angle lens is not on the G7 One, but that LG only included the auto mode in the camera app. That's right, the very capable 16MP Sony sensor on this phone, has no manual camera controls on the G7 One. Considering you're only getting one camera, having a full manual mode like the regular G7 ThinQ is the least LG could do. Tragically, companies remove certain "compelling" features from some of their line up models, in order to "encourage" consumers to go for their "preferred" model.

  2. Patrick Cruz

    What is the point of the notch if it still has a chin? Say what you will about Apple, but at least they figured out that it’s Notch and No-Bezels, not Notch and Bezels!

  3. David Salli

    Does every android one phone not have the miracast function to mirror the phones screen to a smart TV built in?
    I am not interested in getting a Google Chromecast as I don't have a WiFi connection and I can't use my phones hotspot to the chromecast.
    I would love a Nokia 8 Sirocco but this issue is making me not get it.

  4. Daniel Macharia

    Stock Android isn't that amazing, I mean it works as it's supposed to but it's lacking a few things here and there. I'm using an AndroidOne device and I miss my previous phone with all the enhancements and features from the manufacturer, simple things like double tap to wake, screen record from the pull down menu etc.

  5. LORDE 2729

    my blackberry priv is pretty much stock OS . just like the Android one .with extra security features. i think i will stick to blackberry for the forseeable future

  6. San S8

    Essential phone 🙂 almost stock android sd835 ok-ish camera and battery great build quality
    and most importantly wait for it to go on sales and it quickly becomes one of the best smartphone deal in the year

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