Lifelong iPhone User Switches to Android / OnePlus 6. Here's why.

As you can tell by this title, yes I switched to the OnePlus 6. In this video I explain what encouraged me to ditch Apple for Android, even though I own lots of Apple devices and have been using their systems for years.

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The equipment I use:

► Panasonic G7:

► Rode Video Mic Pro:

► Blue Yeti USB Condenser Mic:


► My PC Rig:
▪ NZXT H440 2015 White:
▪ Asus Maximus Ranger V2:
▪ EVGA SuperNOVA G2 750w:
▪ Nvidia GTX 980 Reference:
▪ Corsair H80i:
▪ Kingston Hyper X Ram:
▪ Corsair Force LS 120GB SSD:
▪ WD 1TB Blue Drive:
▪ Roccat Kone XTD mouse:
▪ BenQ GW2765HT LED IPS 27 IPS:

33 Replies to “Lifelong iPhone User Switches to Android / OnePlus 6. Here's why.”

  1. Jack's Gadgets

    Thanks for watching guys! Remember, I'm not saying iPhones are bad or that either are better. But to me, I'm beginning to prefer Android simply for the customisation and the implementation of simple options that iOS doesn't offer.

    Are you thinking of switching to Android, or even switching to iPhone from Android? Let me know below!

  2. Markus Sailer

    I did almost the same. Lifelong Macs (startet with one of these really big cases under the deskt), MacPro Laptops, Iphone and all that Stuff. Privatly and for my Work as a Print Publisher. I took the 6t, yes because of Pro Mode in the camera App, and yes i do not want to pay 1200 for a phone etc. But one really serious Question: Explain us more about HOW you maneged your move, i mean all the data. Photos are easy, but what about bookmarks on the phone, messages and of cause Stuff in the apps like fitness apps, health… I really Stuck with this….

  3. Kevin Mai

    tip: it doesnt have ip rating because it cost extra money to give your phone an ip rating. the oneplus 6 enough water resistance to survive a drop in water. like it can almost survive the same as the other smartphones with IP rating but it just doesnt have the rating so the price can be lower and same for wireless charging. its just unnessesary cost

  4. Antony ter Horst

    So I switched from an iPhone X to a Mate 20 Pro and later a S9. Started off pretty good, used it and got used to it pretty quick. Works like a charm, but after a few weeks more quirks started to appear, the smoothness and fastness went away. I used the same apps on these Android devices then I did on my iPhone, but battery life was bad, and it got worse every week. So I reinstalled Android and started all over again, and again it slowed down like hell. Nothing changed on my side, same apps, Android Pie etc. So here I am, 2 months later back to an iPhone Xs. Smoothness is unmatched, apps are way better optimized, and I can trust the battery and don't get strange and weird battery leaks…

    You are misinformed about battery life, when u let them stay open, they are not really open, they are in a sort of hibernating state, don't affect battery life. And apps crash all the time? They don't. Android even hides crashed apps notifications on the background by default (why is that… ).

    I just straight up laughed when u said specs are better on the OnePlus 6, like the camera etc. The 6 does not even have OIS on the camera, and side by side it's way worse.

  5. Max Schwartz

    I just switched to the OnePlus 6t as an only apple user so far. It's so MUCH BETTER
    I've been frustrated for apple for a while and was really excited to get an android

    I also switched from a 6s

  6. Menageryl

    Wow… I know I’m real late on this video but I can’t help but have to chime in I’m afraid…

    Did you just misspeak or do you REALLY completely misunderstand what it is Apple did with the “device slow down” thing???? What you said was COMPLETELY inaccurate!

    Now other motivations or opinions are just fine mate, but at least be sure about what the facts are.
    Like: Being able to clear all notifications on iOS with 1 button press too – just as another example…

  7. Yung Eristoff

    lol most of his points why android is better is because he owned an apple device that isn't even sold anymore because it's outdated and all of the android users are crawling out of their caves now saying this is a good video

  8. C2tha J2tha

    What do you think of the features specific to OxygenOS? Like the Face Unlock, screen-off gestures, navigation gestures, Shelf, navbar customizations, Gaming DND etc.

  9. MrViral20

    Don't forget, Nova Launcher lets you customize even more than ever…..

    btw anyone reading this….look up Niagara Launcher, it's one of the most simplest Launchers I have ever used and I love it….

  10. Ahmad El-Hindi

    Welcome to the club
    I made my transition with the galaxy s4
    It wasn't flawless but back then I was blown away with the giant screen, external storage, changing the ringtone ( f#%k you apple, you really can't make changing the ringtone easier ??!!) Using any browser I like instead of forcing Safari down my throat, the ability to download and install any app I want simply by googling it and downloading it staight from the browser itself and also any file I wanna download I can do that as well, more customization, bluetooth sharing as well without the need of an internet connection, connecting the device to a windows pc and copying stuff from and to the phone, the notifications and settings menu and all of these things really made me never go back
    To be fair I got my hands on a cheap 6s which I bought just to resell it with a profit which I used as a secondary phone for about a month before I sold it and I couldn't stand it at all
    All the annoying things were still there and the IOS experience was actually worse for me because I already seen better
    Now I have the note 9 along with the note 5 as a secondary phone
    And I can see why you chose to go with oneplus because I owned the oneplus x before and that device was a master piece

  11. Rana Ahmed

    iPhones have become a status symbol. People buy them to flaunt. They don't really care about the functionality. They use them as a piece of jewellery. I have seen people starving for weeks to save enough for an iPhone just because they think it enhances their social status. Apple know the weak point of people. They are leveraging on it to earn money.

  12. Soyboy

    you sound like you shouldve been on the android family from the jump lmao. I've had 4 iphones and 3 android phones. My daily driver is currently an HTC but im coming from an iphone 8 and will probably jump between the two every now and again. Its okay to keep your options open but it shouldnt be such a monumental occasion to change to android.

  13. daniele tierno

    Do you know what? This video just earned you another subscriber. I don't really ever subscribe to channels… I don t like following too many channels because then I could miss out on some new videos published from someone I follow… But seeing a person opening his eyes and get rid of that stupid OS… REALLY made me feel satisfied. If you have iphone I can't send you anything over bluetooth, for me it's a deal breaker. With android the brand of the phone doesn't matter… you can have any brand you want and phones can communicate with each other. That is (at least for me) GREAT!!! I know there is always whatsapp/e-mail……. But what if I don't want you to have my number/e-mail address???!!! And itunes……. Apart from the fact that sounds like some sort of bad joke that came out of a cartoon,but… Seriously? I used it just ONCE!!!!! AND I WILL NEVER EVER USE IT AGAIN!!!!!!? I had very important photos on my iphone, wanted to save a copy of them…so I connected the iphone to the pc, opened that stupid itunes, did that stupid synchronisation sh**… and you guessed it… I LOST MY PICTURES!!! F…REAKING LOONEY TUNES DELETED MY PHOTOS FROM MY IPHONE!!!!!!! After that I raged, I crashed the iphone on the floor as hard as I ever could and never bought an iphone EVER AGAIN and I NEVER WILL!!!!!!! With android copying stuff from/to the phone is as simple as using an USB stick!!!!!!! Seeing someone realising that android is WAY superior than ios made my day!!!

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