live stream audio setup Mixer to iPhone or Android to Live Stream on Facebook or Youtube Easy

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Live Stream audio setup to Get great Audio from Mixer to your iPhone or Android to Live Stream on Facebook or Youtube One Cord is the Key to it all!

How to use a mixer and the little super amazing headset buddy cable to get great audio on your Facebook live stream. How to setup audio mixer and test it

How to get Audio from a Mixer to Android or iPhone Phone for better Video Camera sound

NEW VIDEO: USB Mixer Audio Interface to Android or iPhone for live stream, Multi track, Podcast or Music Videos



TRS to TRRS Adapter – Microphone Adapter for iPhone and Android Smartphones and Tablets:

Type-C to USB 3.1 for Android

USB to iPhone

Apple MJ1M2AM/A USB-C to USB Adapter

TISINO 1/8 Inch TRS Stereo to Dual 1/4 inch TS Mono Y-Splitter Cable 3.5mm Aux Mini Jack to Jack Breakout Cord – 3.3 feet

Mackie ProFX10v3 Professional USB Mixer, 10-Channel

Behringer UMC204HD U-Phoria USB Audio Interface

5 Driver in-Ear Buds:
KZ ZS10 Pro, Linsoul 4BA+1DD 5 Driver in-Ear HiFi Metal Earphones with Stainless Steel Faceplate, 2 Pin Detachable Cable (Without Mic, Black)


Open Camera app: (Android)

ProMovie Recorder + (iPhone)


Best video Apps for Connecting an Audio interface or Mixing Board to Your Phone for Using external microphones with Android or iPhone devices when shooting video for better audio

Open Camera app:

iPhone app – ProMovie Recorder +

Multi track app – Audio Evolution Mobile Studio TRIAL

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44 Replies to “live stream audio setup Mixer to iPhone or Android to Live Stream on Facebook or Youtube Easy”

  1. Sigmund Sanvictores

    i have a question i am using 1.5M 3 RCA Audio Video Plug to 3.5mm TRRS Plug Jack Cable Wire Adapter Adaptor Cord Connector… its only one cable wire..when i connect it to my cellphone to make livestreaming… the sound on the other end is sooo bad, sometimes loud then low…with bass and no bass…can u help?

  2. Salman

    Exactly am looking for this …
    But i only have focusrite 2i2 interface which I also have stereo line out for monitors…
    Can i use that..?

  3. Tom Fuller

    I'm trying to do Facebook Live using my iPhone 12, and running the audio through a Yamaha mixer–for high quality sound–preferably through the USB interface. I got the adapter you mention here, but it doesn't seem to work with the lightning adapter. iPhone 12 has no headphone jack, only the lightning jack at the bottom. How do I get audio from my mixer to my iPhone?

  4. Sean Macdougall

    So, I'm going dual 1/4" out of the 10 channel mixer, 3.5mm input to Apple Dongle Adapter into iPad Pro 2 and trying to get the mixer to talk to FB live and…not working. What am I missing?

  5. Steven coia sterling

    JIMMY thanks for ur explanation i ordered the three cords u suggested to do Facebook live and well 2 come the next day / the trss adapter did not come yet / so I have the trs to trss adapter / and the high-speed wire cable with 2 male quarter-inch inputs / i got my computer hooked up to my Yamaha mixer for sound / for kicks i hooked up that cable with 2 quarter inch imputs in the stereo out and my Facebook audio is very clear on live on my ANDROID PHONE – but cannot get the sound ( music on the computer to come through? AM i missing something or do i just wait for the TRSS adapter to get here to hook up to my phone?

  6. Sky Lim

    Thanks for the video, simple and straightforward. Can I ask if I don’t use Facebook to record, can I just use iPhone original camera to record with the same setup? Will it capture the audio too? Looking forward to your reply! Thanks!


    Dear Sir,
    I am hosting my Singing Show on FB Live daily at 7 pm IST. I am facing numerous problems with sound input during this FB Live Show. As sound quality in direct input through my Android Mobile's inbuilt Mic was not good, I started using an Analog Audio Mixer in which my Mic & Music Track is connected and ready mixed analogue audio is fed from the mixer's output to Mobile's headphone socket. The TRRS Plug on the Mobile end is wired as per mobile's configuration. Here is the problem…
    Sometimes, audio goes into mobile very well & streaming quality is excellent. (Video goes through Mobile's Camera). But sometimes, only voice is heard by my viewers and Music doesn't go..! Sometimes, both doesn't go. I have checked repeatedly and there are no loose connections or loose soldered joints or wires. Same wire, same phone, same setting…sometimes work very well but sometimes it doesn't. W H Y..
    I am really perplexed..!!!
    Does FB has any Sound Protocol for Live Streams…? Output signal is also kept at very low and I Monitor my singing through big monitor speaker. Signal goes to Monitor speaker BUT sometimes doesn't go into phone…!!!

    Can anyone help…???
    I am Ratan Rateria, from Kolkata, India.

  8. Kolton K

    Quick question, does the iPhone take in the audio as stereo, or does it sum it to mono? I've seen people say that iPhones only accept mono signal, but then again companies sell stereo phone mics like Shure MV88. Thanks for the great video and all the info!

  9. John Doe

    So if I am live and playing music through mixer and phone, when live, the music will play clean when people are watching? Rather than sounding like music coming from background? Bless

  10. Joe Check Acoustic

    You’re a legend!!!! 🙌 Been looking for a way to do a live FB performance using my mixer/effects and it’s harder than you would think to get helpful information for a musician. I will try these adapters. Thanks again!!

  11. Mitchell Bergen

    Please tell us about the padding under your drum kit. Does is help with vibrations to the cameras? I’ve tried several ‘isolation’ drum risers but still get camera shaking from kick and hat. To be fair, I’m on a second floor and the room is a bit ‘bouncy’. Thanks.

  12. Blay Clement

    Thanks very much for your time and lesson thought. Please sir which cables should I get to record audio sound from my church mixer to my android phone.

  13. Madhav Prakash

    I’m using Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adapter while Facebook live show, but Facebook doesn’t play music and my voice can you help. I have contacted many time to Facebook team, but they couldn’t help me, while singing Ona Instagram or YouTube sound coming perfectly, but Facebook is not supporting my Facebook live by the camera adapter, My WhatsApp no. +919782580648 plz contact, plz help me.

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