Living With OnePlus Nord – 20 Days Later!

I finally share the experience I had with the #OnePlusNord.I’ve also done a few other videos involving the #RedmiK20Pro and the #PocoX2 and I’d highly recommend you check those out.

Wondershare Dr.Fone:

NORD vs K20 PRO:



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  1. Raghav Kejriwal

    Hey bro plz can you confirm this. My oneolus 8 pro's volume control is weird. The volume below 50% is inaudible. I can only hear anything when it's above 50% and then too the volume doesn't increase linearly. Does it happen with you too?

  2. Kiran Abraham

    Watching on My One plus Nord❤️
    12/256 Blue Marble
    It's buttery smooth Device with Oxygen Os..🤗(10/10)
    "Fingerprint reader" -Is Quick And Fast (9/10) (More fingerprints doesn't Recognise sometimes

    AmOLED fluid Display 90hz is Good and smooth :(09/10) Viewing Ankles on white background also showing reflection and rainbow effect
    Video Content Viewing is Awesome and Enjoyable.(9/10) my Old Honor 8 pro contents where having more Natural Colours.
    √Alert Slider: Very Useful function All devices Must Have now.(10/10)
    √Haptic Feedback on this device is On the better side,No Lag..(8.5/10)
    Built Quality is mix of Plastic and Glass as many YouTubers say METAL is Always best & yes it Feels more premium in hand but I don't feel anything difference and normally use with the case 😅
    Glass finsish is awesome and it's very comfortable light weight in hand so that's my preference ONE HAND USAGE (9/10)

    Rear Camera -8.5/10( Clicks alternate best or normal…. IT'S A HIT OR A MISS) OIS VIDEO FOOTAGE IS AWESOME
    Ultra Wide is Steady And pretty Cool
    2× DIGITAL MODE (4/10) GIVING SOME PINK AND GREENISH TINT PROCESSING HAVING ERROR AND GLITCHES ON MANY PHOTOS(Attached pics Amazon Reviews) (Before this issue was not there but now after Updates i noticed they can fix by OTA Updates.(((ONE PLUS PLEASE FIX THIS SOON)))

    Front camera-7/10(not good in low light,OIL PAINT LIKE IMAGE ,Pink Grainy) updates came but still camera dept have to be fixed
    Camera photo processing takes 2 seconds time not as Fast as A flagship it's A MIDRANGER but below flagship😁
    Depth Cam: Is Decent
    √Macro Camera : Actually Why they Included this 2mp in this phone as that what 20k other Chinese Brands do instead an 8 or 13mp Telephoto lens would have improved the cam completely

    AFTER UPDATE 10.5.7:: FRONT CAMERA HAS IMPROVED ALOT Now it clicks Better low light Images Still processing takes few seconds

    nothing Much to Talk about Macro Not mucu Improvements.

    √√GCam I installed but not all features ultrawide fixed on it,Need a stable version Soon.

    Monospeaker is loud but steroe means it would have been with hands we cover sides sometimes
    Battery backup: 6.30-7 hrs of SOT normal usage Browsing & youtube …standby u will get full day almost with 20% juice left
    30watt dartCharging take around 50-60 mins
    Many Issues have to be fixed through OTA updates in coming months (GETTING FIXED AND IMPROVING)
    If your preference is not Gaming and not that camera centric person
    One plus is a decent overall Device AS No DEVICE IS PERFECT EVERYTHING COMES WITH FLAWS

    Slight pinkish tint bottom of device on side bottom on grey background,Dialer side (DARK THEME)under 0-20 % brightness if we search for in depth
    And After seeing it I btw keep checking it….but it is not a negative to avoid this device
    (After Updates 10.5.7 (used one plus Updater app) it has Reduced to a limit by display Calibration but still it persist in gray background through sides and more at bottom of display,But now below 10% Tint is less and visible in 20%)

    Lockbox Has some errors when selecting files..still there after Updates also
    Gallery ,Filemanager takes 2-3 seconds to load photos and Videos
    √√3.5mm jack is missing atleast they could have included Adaptor in box now have to purchase don't know how the sound output will be from that.
    ^Some YouTube videos are Getting cropped in when zooming in…. but cinematic are best and accurate
    ✓My Transparent Phone case which I recieved started becoming Yellow in 2 weeks I don't know howi tried cleaning but but still.😁…

    Started using White theme😆 Google Dialer (contacts/settings/theme) Dialer as I can still see pink tint on grey background Dialer.

    Camera Has Improved slightly after Update

    Battery backup SOT I GET 6:30-7 HRS
    And a full day of charge just plug it in evening in 40-50 mins boom it's Charged

    I picked this device as my strict budget was 30k and other choices where Realme X2 Pro and K20 pro and 7t was not on my budget all are an year old device but my preference was Clean Os with Normal Social media usage not performance oriented..
    one plus 7t was a much better choice but everything have pros and cons
    Recent reviews of 7t was negatives on battery backup
    5G More or less will take above 1& half-2yr to come to india i will usa a device min 3yrs
    so Hope this wont disappoint me.
    GEEKBENCH: single core 621/1909multi core

  3. Nakul K Mohan

    i have a weird problem with the nord, at home with wifi the phone comfortably lasts the entire day with a SOT of 7-8 hours, went out with mobile data the phone died with 3 hours of SOT

  4. Vedansh Dagur

    Another amazing one!! So glad to see the contant updates from your channel!! All the power to you brother!!

    About the green tint, it isnt that bothering but it does feel a little odd at night specially if you are using a dark mode. I have a similar issue with my pixel 3a!

    Nonetheless, great video as always 🙂

  5. Pervez Ahmed

    I am watching this video from Bangladesh.
    In Bangladesh, the price of Nord is 38000 tk (unofficially, 8/128).Though difference of rupee and taka is not that great.(1 INR=1.14 BDT)
    DO you think it's a good decision to buy OnePlus Nord at this price in Bangladesh? Please let me know.
    Thanks and good luck from BANGLADESH.💚💙

  6. Santosh Parbhane

    Should not be dual camera on front, very very irritating. Dedicated 3.5mm audio jack must be there. Due to these 02 things I cancelled to buy. Camera can be compromise with using gcam

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