Living With Samsung Galaxy Buds & Gear S3 Frontier!

Today we are putting the spec sheets aside and looking at some real life usage of the Samsung Galaxy Buds and Gear S3 Frontier Smartwatch.

Living With Samsung Galaxy Buds & Gear S3 Frontier: With An iPhone?

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30 Replies to “Living With Samsung Galaxy Buds & Gear S3 Frontier!”

  1. Nico

    Hast the gear s3 an lte version so you can make phone calls without your phone? Or is the galaxy watch better then the gear s3?

  2. jay patterson

    S10 plus, Galaxy Watch and on order blk earbuds. Traded in my Note 8 for S10+ and got $550 plus the $130 ecertificate for the buds. I upgrade every 2 years. I fiqure by then 5G will make it to my town and and the 3rd generation Fold phone will be out with significant refinements. I might go for that depending on the rebates. Great video as usual. ?

  3. Gilbert Khayat

    Does the ear buds pause on it's own when sleeping with it. Aka accidental touch? Or does the buds only works by using your fingers to pause, resume or forward…

  4. juan Ramires

    Finally a legitimate good review. I went to the Tmobile store and asked for the Galaxy buds and the lady said they were bad and lasted 3 hours. I didn't get them because that sounds terrible. Googled is on my own, found out its 6 hours of battery life (good for buds) and they have a better sound quality than most buds on the market. Ridiculous. Haha

  5. Klisander

    great video! Im using my Gear S3 Frontier for one and half year, Note 9 from few months and now im wondering about purchase of galaxy buds. Definetly this video confirmed it's a quite a good decision. Besides you could say more about audio quality and quality of ambient sound. Good job, i will definetly come back to see more of your vids.

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