Low-light Battle: Galaxy Note 9 vs. Huawei P20 Pro

Can the Galaxy Note9 topple the reigning champ in the P20 pro in lowlight photography? Let’s find out!

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36 Replies to “Low-light Battle: Galaxy Note 9 vs. Huawei P20 Pro”

  1. ss LoVEYou14

    Samsung fanboys if u like then buy, after year anything happen to the phone don't blame
    I'm a Samsung fan before, after a year, the battery drain very fast… lag… slow… stuck…

  2. mwboost

    What's with all the artifacts and whatnot in the P20 pro photos?
    I've experienced it with mine(that I sold). Especially in hdr or night mode.

  3. RollaChriz

    Note 9 auto mode at night time is ok but if you know how to master pro mode and use longer shutter speed to get more light and yellow tint is reduced and images Becomes brighter better then auto mode.. but p20 pro just greater camera.. both are awesome cams tho

  4. Mun Chee Hong

    P20 Pro colors are bad…. the colors produced are so dull. Too washed out imo. I expect to see better colors for the P20 Pro in a place with enough light sources. Note 9 is my pick here.

  5. Ritu Raj zerotia

    Guess what a Sony imx 586 sensor ( 48 mp with quad Bayer tech) in Samsung's hand with f 1.5 aparture could do.. and if coupled with monochrome sensor for luminance data to improve low light performance further. .called super night mode..where u choose manually quad Bayer tech to increase pixel size to 1.6 micron and choose manually f 1.5 and manually turn on fusion to get luminance data from monochrome sensor all together..all this is done three times to get three different exposure to create an HDR image then finally treat this HDR image With AI algorithms…of course u need a next gen 7 nm SD 855 chip power..

  6. Mike Bird

    Last night I took a picture of a fountain drink from Circle K in my car with my Note 9, and I could see more detail on the cup in the photo than I could with my own eyes.

  7. J Rod

    I gotta disagree at 3:13 as the Samsung looks clearer on the subject itself even when taking into consideration that the P20 pro is closer to the subject. It seems that the Samsung pulled more detail out of the subject even given the distance and was much sharper. I don't think the floor matters in this case and really shouldn't be taken into consideration. Great vid though man, love it!

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