Lumia 640 Windows Phone vs Android & Apple Head to Head Review, Windows 8.1, not 10

Windows phones have always lived in the shadow of Android and Iphone. but along with the cons thery have advantages that many consumers might not get a chance to explore, this video highlights some pros, cons and hopefully is an educational resource to compare phones or for those looking for cell phone reviews. Its budget price belies its capabilities and is a great option if you’re shopping for a cheap smartphone. Lumias probably have the best smartphone cameras and the 640 is a very high bang for your buck choice. This review focuses on Windows 8.1 but Windows 10 will be available soon so stay tuned for a follow up review. one of the main problems is too few app for windows phones. I made a comment that microsoft is the worlds largest producer of computers at 92% but to be specific that is the percentage of Microsoft operating systems on PC’s worldwide, the pc’s themselves may be made by a myriad of manufacturers. There are many providers to buy this from, here is a Best Buy no contract special.

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28 Replies to “Lumia 640 Windows Phone vs Android & Apple Head to Head Review, Windows 8.1, not 10”

  1. WhiteSnake9191

    I've been thinking about getting one of these 640's cheap and trying it out, it has double the ram as my old lumia 635 and an HD screen, my old one was only 480p with no flash or no front cam too. I kinda flip flop between phones, lately been using a big 5.5inch moto g4, also have a smaller iphone SE (same specs as the strong 6S) but the iphone is wayyyyy smoother than the octo core android 7.0 g4 sadly. I remember my lumia 635 was extremely smooth even with its small 512mb ram on windows 8.1 back in early 2015 when I got it out of disgust with how glitchy and choppy cheap androids were, I agree with you I don't think I could ever justify spending alot of money on some flagship device. Did you ever upgrade this phone to windows 10 mobile and how is it? I heard some people say when they upgraded these older 8.1 phones to 10 that 10 made em lag and stuff but idk. Nice review you seem like a cool guy that knows his stuff too, I'm a fan of tech in general myself

  2. Nik Kalos

    Hey! Thanks for the review. Just wanted to take the time to say your voice sounds so good! Was very smooth to hear! Review was good, too!

  3. dvillalba3d

    Would love to see your take on the 640 running windows 10. Not much out there. Another review? Also what do you think is better phone the 640 or the 550? Thinking on getting one of them… Not sure which one though…

  4. Neossshadow

    Great review. Haven't seen your other videos yet, but already subscribed. It honestly felt short, but I liked how in-depth you went with the camera and the flaws on the apps. It really shows how Windows Phone falls short of Android and iOS, while still having it's strong points.

  5. clock143

    I've had this phone and loved it but there's A LOT of drawbacks though. If you're a big fan of apps, you'll hate this phone. the app market is beyond poor. its kind of insulting considering its coming from such a big company like microsoft. no bank app support. not many games or anything else. doesn't allow you to set google as preferred search. bing is hands down the worst. you'd have better luck finding exactly what you want on the internet by throwing a stick into a river and waiting for a reply. the camera on this is great.even in dark rooms. the rear speaker is louder than any other phone ive owned except for maybe blackberry. complete hands free voice texting is awesome. plug it into a radio/headset via bluetooth or cable and you'll never have to pick up your phone to read/respond to texts. awesome. for me, those little things and the price would have me pick up another one, plus i'm interested in seeing the win10 update. but the bottom line is windows phone is so far behind android/IOS that they'll never be able to catch up and the way microsoft works, they'll probably just give up on it soon. which sucks because in my opinion android is glitchy as all hell and after about 6 months or so the glitches are so bad that i dump the phone. IOS is supported by everyone but doesn't have user customization and internal save space is way too small to hold my music and pics. i read MS switched the lumia line over to the makers of the surface tablets. we may see some really cool new features/builds coming soon but i think MS handed it over because they've accepted that win phones will never take off and they'll have someone else to blame for the failure. who knows though, the surface tablet team may have enough common sense to at least start marketing the windows phone. you know, something crazy like a tv commercial. that may be thinking too far out of the box for MS though.

  6. ibm5155

    I wouldn't call fail programming,  because it does what it was planned to do.A better term could be that the software are too simple compared to other os apps

  7. Outstanding Cruise

    Great review and i own Black Matte Microsoft Lumia 640 and never have had an issue whatsoever.This cell is a must buy at the price point and stands up to some previous but not that old I Phones!It is fast responsive the OS is smooth and has a exceptional Camera as well.I love my Lumia 640.It gets the job done on the clock!!.By the way i saved about 500+ dollars in the process!Shop smart out there because less is more in more ways than one!

  8. Logan Venter

    I love how fairs that are missing are referred to as "programming errors".

    It's not an error. It's a missing feature. Most of which have been implemented in the Windows 10 update, by the way.

  9. N7

    You seems to be a great developer than other tech companies so you started speaking everywhere there is programming errors,just give some solid reason rather than showing your stupid programming errors.F****r

  10. overcast

    U didn't mention anything about tile wall just as good as iCloud,buttery smooth os.lumia maps ,Lumia cam,Xbox music pass ,and a screen that really resembles the iphones 6 in clarity,moving pictures in which the iPhone 6s now thinks it's a big deal,not a fan boy have owned over ,9 iPhones ,10 androids maybe me the phone is a monster 👾 raarrrrrrrrr,beat the shit 💩 out of the iphone.

  11. PocketableTech

    Nice video Ray, and I agree with all the points you made. I've played with several Windows Phones back in the day and I still own the Lumia 620 & 920 and they both offer a really unique and refreshing mobile experience. The thing that really hurts windows phone like you said are the bugs and the lack of Google apps which really isn't Microsoft's fault, but instead Google unwillingness to allow there native apps like YouTube and so forth to be on the windows store. Hopefully Windows Phone 10 whenever it comes out finally mends the gaps and addresses these problems.

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