Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro review

Apple’s new Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro makes it easy to turn a tablet into a laptop. But it’s expensive, heavy, and more limited than you might expect. Still, if you want to convert an iPad into a laptop, it’s the best option available.

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47 Replies to “Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro review”

  1. Kilroy was Here

    It’s as good as a laptop. I got a keyboard for my iPad so that I could use it as a laptop for online school. Well on the first day I use it I realize I can’t use other apps if I need the camera to stay on (which is required by my school) Unless it’s different on the iPad Pro I’m sticking with a dedicated laptop.

  2. Loralye2

    The ipad is NOT A LAPTOP!!!! They took away the home button AND the headphone jack. 3 different hubs had to be returned because they didn’t WORK! C’MON APPLE… WTF?????

  3. Mortada

    Has anybody experienced lag/slow response while typing using this magic keyboard? Mine is driving me nuts on iPad Pro 11”, the response is extremely slow on latest iOS and didn’t find any useful solution. We tried the keyboard on another iPad and found it working great, any thought of what might be wrong?

  4. Jezza Yang

    Will a smart folio keyboard and a magic mouse (second gen) do the same thing? Because I have a magic mouse and I don't really use a trackpad. Basically, is there anything different with the keyboard, other than the keyboard lights?

  5. Chris H.

    I like the wallpaper in your video of the Golden Gate Bridge taken from Marshall’s Beach but can’t find it when I open the link to the wallpapers in the description.

  6. Zeeshan

    You’re forgetting the fact that you’re getting a ridiculously gorgeous screen at 120 Hz, and the IOS ecosystem. You can’t get that with surface.

  7. Imane Miss

    OK you’re making some really good sense but there’s some people that are literally screaming on top of their lungs because they got the iPad Pro and the Magic Keyboard 😂

  8. robotempire

    I got my daughter a iPad Air with magic keyboard and pencil bc like you said: she loves my iPad Pro , and that’s all she wants. For school and everything. So I got the keyboard because it helps with the school stuff. Especially composition

  9. DrVoIP

    unfortunately you cant fold the keyboard back so that you can use the ipad like a book. If i leave the keyboard at the desk, I now need a case for the ipad. I wish the keyboard could fold all the way back!

  10. Atul Chowdhry

    Have an older iPad pros with different keyboard (Apple,and Logitech), just don’t use any of them. Problem is app support. If I need a laptop I use my MacBook, if I’m doing really heavy duty things I use my loaded iMac Pro. Also let’s be real $300-350 for a keyboard – it’s just stupid – good looking , but not an optimal design

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