Magic Keyboard Review (12.9" iPad Pro) | Trackpad & Mouse Tips

The new Magic Keyboard is here for 2020 & 2018 iPad Pro ! 12.9 inch – $349 11 inch – $299
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34 Replies to “Magic Keyboard Review (12.9" iPad Pro) | Trackpad & Mouse Tips”

  1. Mortada

    Has anybody experienced lag/slow response while typing using this magic keyboard? Mine is driving me nuts on iPad Pro 11”, the response is extremely slow on latest iOS and didn’t find any useful solution. We tried the keyboard on another iPad and found it working great, any thought of what might be wrong?

  2. Christel Kappis

    the ipad pro combined with this magic bullshit is more expensive than a macbook air with an m1 and it s weights more! for having a oversized iphone with no funktion keys/esc. no realsoftware support, just applications. you cant have zoom call and a notice parallel. have fun with your home schooling. 🥴

    i think the magic cover is a real world idiot test.🤔

  3. tangomechanic

    I THINK that with VNC Remote you CAN edit videos from iPad Pro in DaVinci Resolve on your MacBook Pro. Viewing this possibility, no iPad yet. Thank you for a fantastic review!

  4. Annette Honsinger

    Ok, I want the magic keyboard, but I’m having severe anxiety over the price, and wondering if it drains the iPad battery quickly. Will I still get 8-10 hours battery life while it’s connected?

  5. Grant

    how do people have enough money to be able to buy all this stuff. I wonder if they just buy it and record a few videos and then return it lol

  6. Chip Hill

    Who really needs a keyboard for the iPad? Keyboards are an outdated input method. Maybe writers need them but most people just use the on-screen version and it's fine. Free yourself from clunky keyboards! Get an iPad Pro and toss the laptop!

  7. Gerri Dennin

    Really great video did a beautiful job thank you. By the way I’m not a professional I’m just old and like up to date stuff and definitely easy to handle and read, so yes i bought the iPad 12.9 and the Magic keyboard. Of course when I received my first keyboard it was DOA had to send it back talk about being pissed.. yes I was, had to wait again finally received it thought it wasn’t working right either but I just had to make some adjustments and now I think it’s okay. I now only wish that Apple would open up there class schedule for this iPad because I definetly want to take some classes..

  8. Mr Cat

    I pulled the trigger on the iPad Pro 11” and magic keyboard. I love it, I use it as a second device. I’m an educator, so it fits my needs for a second device while in an eLearning environment.

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