Make Android Studio LIGHTNING FAST

In this video I show you how to make android studio lightning fast by changing some minor settings.

Basically all you need to do is change the default HEAP size.

If that doesn’t work, make sure you don’t have a mysterious JAVA setting somewhere in your system environment variables like I did.

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34 Replies to “Make Android Studio LIGHTNING FAST”

  1. Kirti Y

    I tried this now on my android studio and after closing the window when I tried to start Android studio again it's not opening.
    Error : Improperly specified VM options. To fix this problem edit your JVM options and remove options that are obsolete.
    I went to my android files and tried to make changes in studio64.exe.vmoptions but it is not granting me to mak edit .


    Wow! Thats for I what looking for! I have enough gig rams so after your configuration set emulator is not eating so much CPU (before it was ~90%! now it's 30-50%!). Thank you!

  3. Dio Graphy Production

    hy there i kinda newbie with android studio, and i have a question,, is it weird when i "edit custom vm options" and my there"s a popup window that says you dont have vm options. and when it opens i dont see any number or text on that place???

  4. Gábor Miklay

    guys, before celebrating early, if you start android studio for the second time, it will be much faster than the first one. so, restart the computer and then try again. (i use fedora 29)

    edit: i see someone already mentioned this. and yes, i also celebrated early 😂

  5. H. Petersen

    Well, it broke my installation 🙁 Now it can't start JVM anymore and when editing the studio64.exe.vmoptions file, it doesn't even have the changes I made before.
    Had to edit file C/Users/username/.androidstudio3.3/config/studio64.exe.vmoptions directly instead and now I finally got the speed boost

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