Make Native Android and iOS apps using web development skills – React Native

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In this video, I will talk about how you can use your web development skills like HTML, CSS, and JS to build native Android and iOS apps. These are not hybrid apps, these are full native apps. Facebook recently launched a new project react and react native is also similar to that. It helps you to design apps easily and there is just one codebase to maintain.


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  1. Nagavikas Pulluri

    Hi.. is this course comes with the realm topic… I saw the syllabus the course comes with the async storage.. why don't you give an example with the realm db.. realm db much more useful for us.. and maps topic is missed on syllabus.. if you do both on those topics.. will definitely take course on your website… Thanks by the way I learned JS by using your videos.


    A request to you, if possible-
    Please make videos on "bubble"(
    Because I heard about it that it is capable of building even powerful webpages and websites like Facebook and Twitter without writing a single line of code….

  3. Prasanna Gunasekeran

    it was mentioned in the react natvie course that ur were explaing apps using expo client but most of the people was telling dont go with expo client .do with native build script option can u please clarify this

  4. Melany Cordova

    I am really curious and i don't like react native and other frameworks that do that, is there any security issues buy using those technologies, i have to say i like to just do software if is Android is java with Android Studio, why should i use those technologies

  5. User Review

    I like Hitesh tutorials. He is doing a great job. I have learnt free java script tutorials with his tutorials. I understood very well. But make react js and react native also free course, it would helpful to so many people.

  6. samriddha samanta

    I want to learn React Nativ. I was thinking of learning java script for that. Do i have to learn html, css to learn React Nativ. Is javascript alone is not enough. Please tell me?
    Waiting for your answer.

  7. Bhargav Beemagouni

    I have one question for you , not regarding React native but it's regarding react
    Is reactjs projects are growing well in india just like it is growing much faster in US, UK and Canada against Angular

  8. Gundaboina Srikanth

    i like your videos
    i am having a concept and i started to learn android studio to design an android app
    but i have to implement in both ios and android
    i am not from computer science background its very tough for me to learn still i am tring
    and now new concept are coming like react native
    suggest me brother

  9. Mastermind Status

    when i load youtube or facebook in Thunkable's webviewer ,the site looks like crappy,but the same youtube or facebook is very stylish in their Own Apps,How to change a website like that stylish transistion apps??
    Flutter,React Native,Java In Android studio,or Vs code…….How can i build a stylish smoothy Apk

  10. cubui

    Nice video! I’m currently working on a series of React Native videos building the Airbnb mobile app. Check out my channel!

  11. Raveesh Agarwal

    Great job, Hitesh

    However, There are some fundamental flaws with this video.
    1. More users lead to higher compile time?
    2. Facebook came up with flux to manage data, react native was just to make multiplatform apps.

  12. sabir ali

    One more thing sir I have a question that I am undergraduate and I didn't complete my graduation because of some reasons. Now I am working in Abu Dhabi ( UAE ) in security company butt I want to learn coding and I loved it , I want to build my app so it is possible that I can do this easily?.

  13. Prince Allwin

    sir, for learning react and react native should i need to master at javascript or the basics which i learnt from the front end bootcamp at learncodeonline is enough.

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