MANAGER KICKS ME OUT for WINNING Apple iPhone 11 Pro from Arcade!

Getting kicked out once again for winning another iPhone 11 Pro! This has to stop…

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48 Replies to “MANAGER KICKS ME OUT for WINNING Apple iPhone 11 Pro from Arcade!”

  1. NutsandGuts

    Don't take any threats, you guys should've been the ones calling the cops first then you show the video to them to prove the manager is trying to steal the (fairly won) iPhone from you.

  2. Hilman Nabil

    If i meet the manager i who the one will call the cops if the arcade is not for playing then why they put it on the front door the manager has lost the brain i think

  3. Sumaia Elsia

    This is so unfair, he just payed for the game😡👎, and should get something😠😱, everyone knows that the security guard was jealous😡, and didn't want him to get his right and filming in arcades isn't illegal

  4. Rouaan Jewaskiewitz

    Who is that pussy,I would have told him his fortune,who the hell is he telling people they can't film there,and then also you won't get your'e prize,I will wait for him in the parking lot,then he will see how I will deal with him.

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