Marvel Contest of Champions – Android vs IOS Performance

Did a test between Android and my IPhone. Not a perfect one but should show the disparity in performance.

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Dork Lessons (Tons of Marvel Information)

Trying to get an Infinite Streak in the 4* Arena?

1 to 10 – Any 3 Star. I start with my r3s and go down.
11 to 13 – Lowest 3 Stars. I start with my lowest guys and go up.
14 to 20 – 4/40 or 3/30 Champions. I start with my 4/40s and work my way down.
21 & Above – By this time I’m able to use the rest of my 3/30s and my maxed out 3 Star Champions. Then I just use all my 4 Stars and maxed out 3 Stars.

Infinite Streak in the T4 Arena

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