Mate 20 X vs Mi Max 3 vs Mi Mix 3 vs Pixel 3 XL – EPIC Battery Drain Test!

Here it is! My most EPIC Battery Drain Test EVER on Frankie Tech! Guys I spent most of today filming, producing and editing this one (in fact it’s 2 AM here and I’m typing this now!) so definitely have a look and thanks for your support! Will the Mi Max 3 hold on? Is there a new battery KING in town? Thanks for watching guys! #Mate20X #MiMix3 #MiMax3 #Pixel3XL #Mate20XBatteryDrainTest #Huawei

45 Replies to “Mate 20 X vs Mi Max 3 vs Mi Mix 3 vs Pixel 3 XL – EPIC Battery Drain Test!”

  1. Camille Anderson

    Dud ya know….i dont trust your battery drain tests. They are always absurd and when i get these devices u test…….im lucky if the go for even 2.5 hours on constant gaming and videos.

    I fkning hate u. Lying azz

  2. Ali Barsnack

    Mi max 3 with amoled screen and lineage os would be the perfect phone for me. Also, I had to glue my 2nd sim chip the the back of my sd card. So the sim tray could be better too lol.

  3. Serrius LeDamaged

    My mi mix 3 holds well while gaming. Web surfing drains it much faster. The gaming boost really does well. I can play for a few hours and only drop 20% obviously my mate 9 kicks it's ass but it's 800mah smaller battery.

  4. Yuno Gasai

    damn this is a long time of usage, i am lucky if i can get 3 to 4 hours with my g6, i usually use whatsapp instagram chome outlook and youtube. not much else, kinda funny to see the progression

  5. adem nacakli

    i wonder if the Huawei is using a better wifi chip that consumes less power. and also i think the mi max 3 is the true winner here when we compare the price. i think i can buy 4-5 mi max 3 for the price of one mate 20 x. also thanks for the video gr8 job 🙂

  6. Byzantine 1381

    11 hours today , once upon a time we had Ericsson T20 whose battery life was about 5-7 days and it was just a mobile phone like any other one ! But we all want a micro computer with battery that stands at least 2 days !!! And smartphone companies have no profit if they give us a smartphones with strong batteries for a lower prices !!!

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