41 Replies to “Meet the Huawei P30 Series”

  1. Ionuţ Dorgo

    When are you going to ship them to Romania??? I pre-orederd a mounth ago …. this is frustrating I am going to cancel the order and buy a Samsung S10 plus instead

  2. soliman rif

    Des téléphones qui coûtent très cher mais niveau service après vente zéro ça vaut rien service client qui sont pas au top p2o pro qui déconne au bout 7 mois les ecouteur freebuds envoyé en réparation depuis 1 mois et pas de retour

  3. Daniel Iljic

    What's missing with this smartphone
    1)stereo speakers(dolby atmos pls)
    2) autofocus in selfie camera
    3) 4k resolution 60 fps (main camera and selfie camera)in video (2019 years it needs to have every flagship)
    4) 1440p resolution (display)
    5)Change emui software(Opening the curtain of the notification from the screen) and change
    Icon design. Refresh/(Notifications on the lock screen should remain unlocked until cleared)
    6)video (And better detail quality, Stabilization, OIS)

    HUAWEI P40???? MATE 30?????

  4. Ryan Sola

    Oppo is not even a100billion phone company and you take there idea of ahaving zoom yes oppo has that idea fisr huawie is a copy cat copy cat oppo is not that rich and you take there idea of the terascope zoom in 2017 they have that upcoming phone bu in 2019 you took that away yeah a very unfair copy cat pay oppo for every huawie p 30 pro and p 30 30percent i hate huawie but hthis make me even hate you for stealing an idea to a 60billion company ?????????


    The P30 is No doubt class phone but they are just making one Mistake which is they are lacking behind from other Smartphone that is There Price Margin, Huawei should work on this for there better future in Indian Market.

  6. Daniel Lo

    Huawei P30 Pro advert music, which has something of an African vibe to it, is a track titled Safi. This song was recorded by the artist Midland and was released in 2014.

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