meet the new moto g8!

Stunning photos from ultra-close to ultra-wide! Capture the amazing parts of your life with a phone that does it all.

29 Replies to “meet the new moto g8!”

  1. Akash Yadav

    Lenovo ruined Moto.
    And what's with the weird fascination with 4GB RAM? There is no option and very very questionable choices of processors and specs.
    In India, sales would be so much better if there were any Motorola options available. Edge+ price is over the roof and then next phone is at its 1/6th price, G8 Plus.
    Really want to get a Moto handset but too scared to buy it in India.

  2. Lamine Nono

    Thank you Motorola for these wonderful phones. But you did not bring your phones to Algeria, and we love to buy them. They must be provided in Algeria. I, myself and all my friends, will support your videos. Thank you.

  3. Gonzalo Dániel

    I've had two Moto G's and I've loved them both. But this Moto G8 looks terrible! No headphone jack and that selfie camera notch is hideous. What happened Motorola? You are aiming outside your base of Moto G fans. I hope the 9 goes back to it's roots or this series will be over for me.

  4. pineda139

    Cuando el Moto g8 plus recibirá Android 10…si los hermanos menores ya lo traen ….eh comprado el equipo esperando que llegue Android 10 y nada….me estás defraudando Motorola…tengo el G7 pluscon A 10 y el Moto z3 play no….que les está pasando

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