Meizu X8 – Better than Redmi Note 7? ( Snapdragon 710, Fast Charging, Thinnest Bezels )

Meizu have been doing some great phones recently like the Note 8, 16X and 16th series, but their best phone in terms of value, cameras, performance and design is definitely the X8.
Meizu X8 has the thinnest bezels, fast charging out of the box, Snapdragon 710 and UBS-C and this is the Global version with Band 20 support! Meizu X8 is priced around $220, which is slightly cheaper than the Redmi Note 7. In fact, Meizu X8 is better than Redmi Note 7 because it offers a faster chip and fast charging out of the box!
Don’t miss my full Meizu X8 video review with detailed X8 design, cameras, battery life and gaming analysis!

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36 Replies to “Meizu X8 – Better than Redmi Note 7? ( Snapdragon 710, Fast Charging, Thinnest Bezels )”

  1. Rifat Khan

    Do you still have this mobile?
    I have some questions.
    1. I am fond of this mobile due to its notch and camera. I am using meizu m6 note. Should I upgrade to it or any other device you can suggest me?
    2. Is the camera better than redmi note 7 pro?
    3. Is the front camera video good? Meizu m6 note front camera video was very dark.
    Thanks in advanced.

  2. flipp081

    Got a white X8 two days ago. I can confirm that battery life and speed seems to be quite good. I have previously owned Meizu 15 Plus and Pro 6 Plus, both of these phones had a lot of lag and stutter, X8 is much smoother. However, Mi 8 SE (which also have SD710) still feels a bit faster and more fluid. Swipe-gestures also works better on MIUI 10 compared to Flyme 7. The camera on X8 is good but the auto-mode has too much noise reduction for my taste. I have installed the gcam mod which takes more detailed images. However, the output from gcam is still not as good as on Redmi Note 5. Not sure why. The best thing about X8 is the design. It looks much better compared to the Redmi-series. Love the small bezels and tiny notch, also build quality is really solid thanks to the metal frame around the phone. So far I would give it 4 out of 5 stars. I would have been the perfect midranger with better software (the speed and swipe-gestures of MIUI 10).

  3. Red Phoenix

    Make love not war. 😉 It is missing a killer feature from the start user unlockable bootloader and the battery is way smaller. 🙁 On the other hand it comes with the 10nm SD 710 and UDF 2.1 storage. 🙂
    @1:36 Yes, I get it. You are biased towards Meizu. 😀 BTW. it is hard to find a smartphone with shitty build quality. ^^
    Yes, Xiaomi's choice of materials has gotten pretty lackluster but it gives by no means the impression of a cheap device.

  4. The Jokr

    All that positive comment about the notch. They just made the bezel larger so the notch appears to be smaller but its really not. Stupid cheap solution.

  5. Tovi Aye

    Redmi note 7 pro is far better, it has a true 48 mp camera, 4000 mah battery with quick charge 4, latest processor snapdragon 675, corning gorilla glass 5 at both front and back not a cheap plastic back like in meizu and a dot notch which makes the phone look even better all these at just 197$ 4 GB ram/ 64 GB rom variant, this meizu phone is not even close to redmi not 7 pro

  6. marcello moundera

    I Miss Meizu. I Miss the UI, the size… I love everything about Meizu… Last device i had Meizu m2 mini. And now never get any better experience with my device.. stock android & MIUI not better than FlymeUI..

  7. abu adeeb

    great review as always and I have Q for you , in your opinion what is like the best budget smartphone that you recommend that has everything that every user would need ! looking forward for your next amazing review , and have a great day ^_^

  8. Nayre

    Meizu produces high quality looking phones year after year. Even so, I just cant find myself buying this phone (yet). Their android skin/UI sucks, issue in quality control, weak xda community support, and the lack of company presence outside of china are just some the reasons why it is hard to recommend.

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