Meizu's SUPER budget smartphones! 16X, V8, and X8!

Meizu unleashed three epic budget smartphones, namely the 16X, V8, and X8. The battle for mid- to low-range smartphones market is really getting heated with all of these devices clashing together. What are your thoughts on these unbelievably low-priced, yet great performing handheld devices?

31 Replies to “Meizu's SUPER budget smartphones! 16X, V8, and X8!”

  1. Ali Afify

    Hello MR
    Thanks for this good review I like this phone and I plan to buy it if I can charge it from China ( becuase I live in Egypt ) .. but frankly I'm afraid !
    because this is will be the first time I use meizu devices ! I used before samsung devices ( the note line ) and finally note 8 .. but the battery is so bad and the interface are slow and frozen many times !
    I used for about one month now two devices from xiaomi ( Note 5 AI Dual Camera who is impressed me a lot as a value for money ) and ( mi 8 who is frustration me a lot .. the colors are not realistic and the screen is not good enough and the camera is not sharp enough at least like the sharpness of the note5 and there is no 3.5mm headphone jack and the notch ) and this tests pushed me to look at the Chinese phones .
    what I liked in meizu 16 plus : flat phone .. good size in good screen-to-body ratio , 3.5mm headphone jack , stereo speakers , USB Type-C )
    what I expect : excellent screen , excellent camera , excellent battery
    I wish you can tell me : is this phone suitable for me ? and if it is .. which one ( 16 or 16 plus ) will be more appropriate ?

  2. SETHalpine

    Saddly no availability for a global market before…a long, long time…We need full 4G & NFC, and of course, availability on our market (not only in China)

  3. Luke Manesh

    Next phone. Other manufacturers, especially one plus, are getting out of touch with what people actually want…and Meizu is filling that gap for me.

    Thank you for staying away from the notch bandwagon and giving us something so futuristic that we usually only expect from the big boys.

  4. Syakir Akram

    For me Meizu is one of the most innovative phone manufacturers around. I'm intrigued to see everytime they released new products. These are no exceptions.

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