Mi 10 Flagship Smartphone by Xiaomi Unboxing & Overview

Mi 10 is the flagship android smartphone by Xiaomi to be launched in India and I do the Unboxing & Overview of this smartphone including camera samples it’s powered by the Snapdragon 865 SOC comes with a quad rear camera of which 108 MP is the main camera and a 20MP front camera also comes with 30W fast charging including wireless charging.

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    Worst phone ever when compare to oppo, oneplus, Asus, Apple and Samsung's…. Flagship phone models…….!.
    Currently facing…. Lots of Lots of bugs in software and also heating issues in Mi 10 phones (Indian units).
    If you want proof just check verified buyer reviews about phone in Amazon…… (instead of hearing paided or sponsored reviews).

  2. Abhirav Yadav

    I have bought the phone and used it for 1 month and I can say it's better than OnePlus 8 pro.
    The display is far more visible outdoors than OnePlus
    Stereo speakers are on another level
    There is an IR blaster
    The haptic engine is far better than OnePlus
    The 108 mp camera is on another level
    It supports 30 watt wireless charging and can use any wireless charger unlike oneplus
    It has 10 watt reverse wireless charging unlike oneplus has 3 watts
    The battery life is great
    There are no adds in the UI
    Front camera is also better
    This is just a underrated phone
    The op 8 pro only has better display and ip rating.
    And oneplus 8pro is facing a wide range of display issues.

  3. DeepaKK

    Everything is good as you and other youtubers are paid for this review, but it is still cheap chinese phone.. not going to buy and suggest other friends too

  4. Subhaue Mondol

    First we used to get headphones bundled in box and companies started omitting the trend. Secondly they started removing headphone jack. Thirdly they replaced the physical fingerprint scanner with on-screen one. Now they started removing usb type-A to type-C cable. What the heck is going. Usb type-a to c cables are very useful for data transfer. Now they also started removing it

  5. Ash S

    People are so used to buying "Redmi" phones at throwaway rates, they are shocked to see a real proper flagship from Xiaomi. I'm no Mi fanboy, using an OP but let's be charitable to Xiaomi.

    There's a Mi A2 in the house which has withstood the worst torture ever and not a scratch on the screen. I saw the Mi 10 with my neighbor and he says it's good for the price, very robust and well built for the price.

    The OP is positively flimsy and needs extra care in handling. Of the entire OP family, Realme provides most bang for the buck, IMHO. Not that I'm rushing to buy the Mi 10 but if you see sites like GSMArena and Kimovil etc, the Mi 10 is right now the "only" phone which can match the iPhone in benchmarks. Another plus point about Xiaomi in general is the build quality, there's no tempered glass or guard for the Mi 10 and it holds very nicely. So please cut Xiaomi some slack and be charitable!

  6. George Johnson

    I bought the Mi10 from Mi India vide Order Id: 5200708251030106

    One of the worst phones from Xiaomi ..by the ridiculous indian version of MIUI they have literally screwed up all the features of genuine MIUI.
    I have all the Mi phones from Mi4, Mi5, Mi6 and Mi9.
    And among all Mi10 is the worst.
    It has no automatic call recording.
    It has used the google phone dialler, which is much inferior in features in terms of the MIUI dialler.
    You cannot even search the messages. Even the contacts cannot be updated and searched.

    I posted a review in Mi site, but they did not publish it.

    Now it is seen that Mi India is playing fraud on Indian Customers.

    Please dont buy this phone, its not worth it

  7. Race Of Knowledge

    Why u r not successful as technical Guruji? Even u use two languages.. 😂
    Reason is… U r fake.. sorry bro.. but i seriously hate u for no reason 😂😂 not interested in your videos… Guruji is best n beast 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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