Mi 8: Xiaomi 2018 Flagship!

Introducing you to our brand new #2018Flagship. This work of art was named in honor of our 8th anniversary. #Mi8 #8YearsWithMi

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48 Replies to “Mi 8: Xiaomi 2018 Flagship!”

  1. Tarun TarunLohar

    I am requesting to all Note 5 pro users to report this on mi cummunity or forum to work on it
    Pease make full camera manual

    All things manual

  2. Mohammad Aamer

    I have order MI 43 inch TV, it's been 17 days I have not received it. Every day I'm calling customer care and they all are doing false promises that I going to receive in two days. Every customer care representative is telling that I'll receive in two days so when we will is going to complete. When I am supposed to receive my TV. It's really frustrating and annoying. I have trusted MI brand but I don't have any TRUST in MI brand. I AM STILL WAITING FOR MY 43 INCH TV.

  3. sleepy crawler

    I'd like to help make your company better
    Invent the world first Bluetooth charging
    No wire no nothing only a power brick
    Then your company will beat every phone company in the world
    Don't forget to add 6-8-10 GB ram Snapdragon 855 full screen no notch no nothing in screen camera 4k resulution and more
    I am TheRed from before I gave you the idea to make a phone with a in screen camera
    Oh wait
    6 ram = 128gb
    8 ram = 256gb
    10 ram = 500gb

  4. Tanjamin Khan

    Hi there,
    i was a huge fan of xiaomi & after using various models i noticed your noise cancellation technology is horrible. i mean in-call-audio. even in imo, it provides scariest sound experience ever ! How could you ? & i wonder how you became one of the top brand by this horrible technology ?

  5. Adarsh K.K

    put ads everywhere on the phone including settings camera and all apps then sell it even more cheaper
    so i can watch a 2 minutes ad while opening camera app to capture a photo of a flying bird??
    not a fan any more
    and by by mi

  6. yogesh kumar

    i have a suggestion for xiaomi to promote its pocofone f1 by providing this phone to all Youtube's mobile game players who play games like PUBG and other heavy games and ask their opinions on pocofone and ask them to handcam showcase the game play on pocofone

  7. RK Studio

    Hey Mi Company Launch this phone in India.People in India is waiting for this phone.If you will not launch this phone in India then you will loss your position in No.1 Rank and Also became waste Company in Future.As you know that India's market is much higher than China.So, you should have to launch the phone mi8 lite in India.

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