Mi A1 (Android One) Review with Pros & Cons – Best Mid Range Smartphone?

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Xiaomi Mi A1 Android One Smartphone Review with Pros & Cons it runs on almost stock android and has dual camera setup. I divide the review between what I liked about the Mi A1 and what are the cons so that you can decide if this is the perfect mid-range smartphone for you.

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Mi A1 is sold in India via flipkart

40 Replies to “Mi A1 (Android One) Review with Pros & Cons – Best Mid Range Smartphone?”

  1. Muhammad Atif

    Ranjit sir can u plz give me opinion about to purchase the Mi A1 cellphone on the price of Rs.22000.
    Would u recommend it for the main purpose of camera use.
    Plz reply sir.

  2. Solomon Khawlhring

    Sir, can you make a video regarding Mi A1 delayed updates. Being an android one, it should get the latest android versions. While other phones are already getting it, Mi A1 does not.

  3. Habib Rahman

    Hllw brother…..I bought mi A1 just before a month.yesterday I have seen in some website article that A1 has too much radiation. I'm so worried about health issue.can u pls suggest me something.what should I do

  4. Souvik 007

    Mia1 is my last Xiaomi phone! Cheated! Really Android one? Ranjit sir pls make a video against this phone! Still running on 8.0. note 5 runs on 8.1. there are many unsatisfied users of Xiaomi mia1

  5. Somnath Kubal

    Worst Mi phone I have ever used…
    My phone screen doesn't respond to touches every 4-5 mins, I have to lock and unlock it again to make the screen work.
    I have visited 5 times in mi care centre, they have changed do you have changed display as well as the motherboard, the problem remained same.
    The number of times I have faced the touch problem while writing this review is 7 times..
    I will never buy Mi brand phones again and I am going to sell this phone on cashify.

  6. Piyush Patel

    Geekyranjit I have Mi A1 phone global version. Recently I came to know that it doesn't support VoLTE. So using Jio sim is only through Jio app, and not happy with performance of Jio app and quality of service. Can you advise how can I enable/use VoLTE on my phone.

  7. Rahul Sinha

    MiA1 has stabilization and it's far better than DJIs And zhiyuns Gimbal, to get stabilization option, shoot the video first and thn checkout the video, you'll see thr two options which will be 1) 3lines symbol and 2) edit, so select 3 underlines option and thr u'll find stabilize and rotate option, and then stabilize.!

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