Mi A1 vs iPhone 6 Plus | Speed Test | Android vs iOS | Best Budget Smartphone?

Mi A1 vs iPhone 6 Plus Speed and Performance test, Camera launch, Browser, Apps, Gaming Speed tests as well as RAM management.

Xiaomi Mi A1 with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 and iPhone 6 Plus with the Apple A8 Chip.

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37 Replies to “Mi A1 vs iPhone 6 Plus | Speed Test | Android vs iOS | Best Budget Smartphone?”

  1. KANNAN .R

    I hesitated on ordering this phone, but I'm SO glad I bought it.>>>ur2.pl/1285 I've had it about 2 weeks and it's AMAZING. It came in on time and with everything brand new! Excellent phone and best price I could find!!

  2. Yogesh Kumar

    I have iPhone 6s Plus & It boots up in 18 Secs! & My friend has 6 plus & that thing boots up in near about 38 secs. The Device you’re using is either corrupt or way too old in an bad software condition! I can blindly Stake bucks on the 6 plus! It’ll be the winner provided both the devices are of original & same condition. The above comparison is just ‘biased’.

  3. lukkash

    Heh yeah, TAKING into consideration that this Xiaomi has got 4GB vs 1GB RAM in iPhone and 8-core vs 2-core processor in iPhone so Xiaomi is doing quite good 😉 Funny to see that sort of speed “battles”. Let’s compare sth much more suitable.

  4. 26Android

    Propanda video.. my iphone loads youtube in 2 sec as single and maximal 4 sec in multitask.. iphone 6 plus ios 11.1.2.. go and repair your iphone..

  5. Android Pk

    Никогда не понимал на*уй сравнивать кто быстрее включиться это че пи*дец как важно, как будто люди этим каждый день пользуются

  6. Aj Dela Cruz

    the battery of that iPhone is already wear, change the battery first to regain its speed. Its unfair to the iPhone that has a poor battery that causes it to throttle due to its wear battery and yet comparing to a good condition phone. Im not into IOS but it was obvious that the iPhone wasn't in condition and leads to biased comparison.

  7. Ivo Pires

    Good video, but I find strange that my 6S plus just needs 4sec to load Amazon app (against 16sec for the exact same phone in this video) ?

  8. Surjith S M

    wow.. That's surprising results. never expected iphone will respond this poorly than android.

    I'm waiting to see the speedtest with 7 Plus or 8 Plus

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