Mi Max 3 Gaming and Battery Life Analysis – Tablet Terminator!

Xiaomi’s new powerful phone Mi Max 3 is a Tablet Terminator meant for gaming and media consumption thanks to the huge screen, large battery and Snapdragon 636 chip. How well does Mi Max 3 play the latest games for Android like PUBG Mobile and Asphalt 9 and how long does the battery last? If you are looking for the best gaming phone or tablet for a low price don’t miss my Xiaomi Mi Max 3 Gaming and Battery Life Analysis. Watch me play PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9, Lineage 2 Revolution, Shadow Fight 3 on Xiaomi Mi Max 3.

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24 Replies to “Mi Max 3 Gaming and Battery Life Analysis – Tablet Terminator!”

  1. Peter Ramos

    This phonee is the best up until 2019 best display camera is great performace is greater and last the hattery is the beast mi max 3 is greatest budget mid range smartphone…..??

  2. Kristan

    even better than apple and cheaper to. if only they specialize now on camera this cp is better than IPHONE XS S XXXXXX TRIPLEXDXX

  3. Arvin Kamberi

    I'm watching this one on my Mi Max 2 128gb version. I'm very satisfied to be honest. Maybe, just maybe I'd go for Max 3 or just Note 10. But it's an absolute fantastic phone. Cheers

  4. Andrei Drew

    The bad part about this is that asphalt is run on the lowest graphical preset.(on this chip not talking about ingame options) No motion blur, no hd textures, no lots of tire smoke, no particle effects on rain or snow, no sun godrays in fields, no global illumination….:(….compared to my note 9 which i just sold…..,i am thinking to buy between honor note 10 (7 inch amoled,6g ram 128gb rom, kirin 970 210000 antutu, 5000 mah battery, dual stereo 2w dolby atmos speakers, dual sim, 24mpx dual camera +16 and16 front…but it.s 540 usd in Romania)….mi max 3 with all lower specs apart from battery is 300 usd…

  5. Cycie

    I can't decide between this and Pocophone! I need the big screen and battery life for college pdfs and other webpage viewing, however, I think Poco would last me a longer time while performance stay swell no matter how lazy or busy I can get for optimizing and maintaining my phone. Would the SD636 vs SD845 be noticeable when it comes to daily tasks? I'm not much of a gamer (yet).

  6. Shad Epic Loot Box

    I play PUBG Mobile everyday on my max 2 and it gives 4 hours and 30 mins of game play on smooth and high fps with 100% brightness. the reason why it's that low is because the phone keeps getting a little hot and I assume max 3 in reality would give around 5 to 6 hours of pubg mobile gaming before going on charge at 5%.

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