Mi Max 3 Review (Part 1) Unboxing & In-Depth Hands-On

Xiaomi Mi Max 3 review with unboxing. An in-depth hands-on with comparison Vs Mi Max 2, camera test, a complete walkthrough. Where to buy global ROM version: video index: 00:36 – Unboxing
01:48 – Weight & thickness
02:22 – The 3 Mi Max’s
03:19 – Design & build
05:46 – Size comparison
05:59 – First boot, bloat & ROM
07:57 – Camera sensors
08:14 – Face unlocking
08:39 – Screen
09:42 – Performance & Benchmarks
12:04 – Sound
13:07 – Camera app & settings
15:10 – Camera samples
18:20 – PUBG Gaming test in HD
19:03 – Battery estimates
19:47 – Recap with Pros & Cons

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48 Replies to “Mi Max 3 Review (Part 1) Unboxing & In-Depth Hands-On”

  1. Peter Boogaard

    Very nice presentation I love my mi max 2 but I going to wait to upgrade to the mi max 4 since I really don't have any issues with my phone . Thank you for always making it easy for us to understand all the difference with these new phones !

  2. Mozez Eli B

    Will they release the Mi Max 3 Pro?
    1.Where can you purchase this phone with the best deal?
    2.What phone carrier is best? I was thinking T-Mobile.

  3. Phrancis5

    I like big screens and I cannot lie… Battery life, headphone jack, and IR blaster are awesome too, but how well does the global version work on T-mobile in the US and will it even get updates?

  4. Crazy Horsea

    I've been looking to buy a new phone to replace my aging Redmi note 3. This one will be a good choice with battery size and headphone jack. Wish it was AMOLED though..

  5. bad nipple

    Im crying because i have 28 bucks in my account and i want this phone so bad. my cheap ass post office phone is triggering me every time i try to send a bloody text

  6. Meni Fo

    I was very skeptical about this phone until I've watched this review. It made me appreciate the Max3 for what it offers for the price. So, I went on and bought it two days ago. The thing is, that no matter how thoroughly I've looked in the settings, I haven't found anywhere the "face-unlock" feature. Where's the "face-unlock"?

  7. Gelo Bello-an

    Whenever there are new phones coming out; I always check your channel first if you have them already reviewed. Your reviews are way too awesome to be missed out. Thumbs up!

  8. reddbirdd

    Really like your review. I will stick with the Mi Max 2 because I like the capacitive navigation buttons and there is still no NFC. I will keep waiting. The larger screen in the same size body is impressive.

  9. Michael Pinto

    Awesome review. I just have a couple of questions. Does it have double tap to unlock and I would like to see a screenshot of the largest font the phone is capable of when in apps like fb,ig..like those. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. Thanks.

  10. Jeffrey Wong

    Hi…I saw that your GPS signal is great even when u test it indoor… From my own testing I feel that is the upgrade of my miui 10 that causes the GPS signal to drop significantly… After upgrading, I can only use my GPS outdoor… Anything under some roof… My signal is totally gone… I have upgrade from miui 9 to miui 10 once I get my hand on the handset… If I am not wrong when I am using miui 9 my GPS signal doesn't sucks so much… Pls kindly answer my question… Thanks so much…!!!

  11. Nameless

    How much better is the Mate 10? I wish you imtercted with your followers. No one is concerned about front facing camera quality my camera is never used and is in fact covered. I want a good phone with an open bootloader and decent rear cameras.

  12. A Wos

    Hey is the camera legit good because my mi max 2 camera sucks. ALso do u have problems with instagram? I upload videos and its slow motion, i have tried taking with external and inside instagram app no difference. Same goes for boomerangs. Also instagram makes the quality worse. Thanks 🙂

  13. Mohamed AZIHARI

    Very nice phone. Once you 've bought it you'll just wonder why we need to spend more money for other phones. But one thing I dislike, it is too slippery: a wet soap in the hand. You need your flipcover from minute one! I am waiting for the next generation of this phone (amoled, etc.) Price wise, second to none!

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