MIUI 10 tips & tricks

MIUI 10 tips MENU:
1. Stock Android Notifications 00:04
2. 3 fingers printscreen 00:51
3. Long printscreen 01:02
4. Picture editing 01:47
5. Video editing 02:45
6. Quick ball 4:44
7. Advanced calculator 05:08
8. Shortcut to turn camera ON //double volume down// 05:53
9. Left shortcut app swipe change 06:15

BONUS tips from MIUI 6+ :

1. Unlock apps with pattern or fingerprint unlock AppLock
Fingerprint: Lock screen … Password and fingerprint.. AppLock

2. View and access hidden notes:
Notes…make a note… hide it… swipe down to view it
Two finger swipe up to delete the note //it got black screen because the recorder doesn’t show hidden stuff or passwords//
P.S. works with the gallery and messages too

3. High quality mp3 recorder

4. Scanner feature to picture documents from different angles

5. Shortcut to turn on flashlight from lockscreen
To turn the flashlight ON from lockscreen you have to:
Click unlock button to see the lockscreen… hold home button for 2-3sec. to turn it on…. click unlock button again to keep the flashlight ON.

Thanks for watching!

Recorded with AZ Screen Recorder on REDMI 3S MIUI 8 developer 6.9.22
Music from Jukedeck – create your own at

Link to flash your REDMI 3 device:

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  1. Charles Beaudelaire

    Redmi note 4. 3 fingers screen shot does'nt work. – Contact shortcut doesn't work. – Add a photo on contact doesn't work – Connection usb to exchange file with pc does'nt work. And funny, when I got it, all used to work..

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