MIUI vs Android One: Which One We Prefer?

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Xiaomi recently did a poll between MIUI and Android One and unexpected, Android One managed to beat Xiaomi’s MIUI at the poll. Well, we thought why not put these two platforms to test and see which one is actually better. Yes, we pit MIUI vs Android One.

Our MIUI vs Android One Facebook Poll:
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We are demonstrating this video using MI A1 (Android 8.0 Oreo), Redmi Y1 (MIUI 9.2) and Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 (MIUI 9.2).

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38 Replies to “MIUI vs Android One: Which One We Prefer?”

  1. oran stanisic

    But im interested in- is android one smoother,more fluid than miui? All phones are speed enough(and whenever u repeat speed test u ll get different scores)

  2. Saptarsi Mukherjee

    As you said…
    MIUI Major software updates give only one major update.
    But Redmi Note 5 Pro came with Android 7.1.1 and beta testing for Android 9.0 has started although it has received Android 8.1 update.
    What to say about that?

  3. justw4lkbesideme

    Before xiaomi make pool about android vs miui, they should make pool about, if the xiaomi community using android one or not, i dont think xiaomi comunity that choose android one, have android one, phone

  4. Valeria

    Was here to find out those "cool features" on miui which can't be found on stock android and didn't really get what these features are. But everything keeps on saying so many awesome features, would be really helpful to enlist those features on the screen.

  5. Ralf Schoon

    With MIUI I can go to sleep with 100% battery and wake up with 99% left. On Android One I wake up with 90% on average. Maybe it's just me but I just hate battery-incontinence.

  6. 李mfkofc

    They shouldn't have deleted the poll if they want to improve their UI. Instead, they make themselves looks bad by deleting the poll and why not post something about wanting to improve their UI?

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