21 Replies to “Mobile App Development … Going DOWN!”

  1. Melis Gül

    Super instructions..no matter what your business is, a mobile app can help us get and retain customers. However, we should also consider financial side of mobile app development.
    Therefore, this template can be useful for financial feasibility for mobile app developers: bit.ly/mobile-app-model

  2. Code Pro

    Another trend we are starting to see is the move towards AR (Augmented Reality). This is something that is very hardware centric. Apple is starting to showcase more and more AR capable apps in the app store. It wouldn't be a surprise to see ARKit as a "testing ground" for future AR hardware (maybe AR glasses?) that Apple could release. And as I see it, native wins right now in the AR domain.

  3. popasmuerf

    ….the problem with web based apps on mobile is that they are trash for anything else than the most simple internal line of business purposes.

  4. Dabayare

    All services you can get through web has no need to create a separate development for mobiles. Ppl have lost trust with web apps because of ppl like FB abusing mobile phone data.

  5. Lets Build That App

    I don't agree or disagree with what you're saying, I also see that mobile development has lost its prior spark from a few years back. However, this is a cycle that any technology goes through. We saw this with Rails, Php, Node, Java, etc. The fact is that big companies still need a dedicated staff of mobile developers, companies like Uber, Lyft, AirBnb, WeChat, Line, and the list goes on. The core sector you haven't considered are the businesses that are mobile centric, and not web first. Plenty of these companies exist where the browser simply cannot replicate the same experience, not even close.

    Overall I think engineering itself is becoming over-saturated with all types of people from around the world. We see new industries popping up like Data Science, AI, and ML these days and I think it might be wise to find a job in these areas instead of hammering away at programming.

  6. Matteo Gilardoni

    We have PWA, hibrid and native app. We have quite a lot of solutions, All of them solve different problem. PWA will flourish when safari will decide to implement manifest.json and service worker

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