Modern Profile UI Design in Android Studio

A great user interface profile design for social mobile application,
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28 Replies to “Modern Profile UI Design in Android Studio”

  1. Azad7261

    I tried to implement the design, did everything exactly as you have shown but somehow the follow me button get cut off from when i render it on emulator. Do i need to make it scrollable or How to fix this particular problem?

  2. Poko Nyang

    i had a problem with my colors.xml it says ## This file is automatically generated by Android Studio.# Do not modify this file — YOUR CHANGES WILL BE ERASED!## This file should NOT be checked into Version Control Systems,# as it contains in. can you help me with that?

  3. Swapnil Nagar

    I'm facing a problem in build.gradle script ,@6:12…….My sdk version is 26 in AS.The pre-build script is different from that of yours and I got Build errors when I replaced appcompat with cardview.

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