MOTO G5 PLUS vs REDMI NOTE 4 vs MOTO M in-depth CAMERA Comparison & Research!

An intensive camera review on the Motorola Moto G5 Plus and comparison with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and Motorola’s own Moto M.

The all new Moto G Plus, 5th Generation (2017) packs a brilliant 12MP rear camera with big f/1.7 aperture, biggest on a smartphone till date. It is capable of recording 4K resolution videos as well! On the other hand, the Redmi Note 4, which is much cheaper than the Motorola mid-range, features similar CPU & GPU but the camera is not as per the quality of the G5 Plus. Moto M, on the other hand offers really decent quality images with both rear and front cameras. I am somewhat disappointed with the front camera of the G5 Plus, if could be much better. Overall, for the price, Moto G5 Plus offers a camera. I would definitely recommend this smartphone for the photography enthusiasts.

49 Replies to “MOTO G5 PLUS vs REDMI NOTE 4 vs MOTO M in-depth CAMERA Comparison & Research!”

  1. champy

    Excellent side-by-side camera demonstration. Very helpful. I wanted to find the best camera for still shots amongst 2017 budget smartphones. Based on this video, I purchased the Moto G5 Plus, yesterday. Thank you!

  2. Surinder Singh

    I'm using both. G5 plus is a lack of features phone. Redmi note 4 is a very good value for money and features rich phone. As per my opinion better to go for the redmi note 4. If there is only camera a priority as said in the video then you should go for g5 plus.

  3. Vikram Shirsathe

    Go for Redmi Note 4 if you're heavy user and want a decent device for routine usage as well as you love customisation. Go for Moto G5 plus if you want a good primary camera as well as stock android experience.
    In performance both redmi note 4 and moto g5 plus are great.
    I don't recommend you to go for Moto M as moto G5 plus and redmi note 4 are latest devices compared to moto M as well as its chipset does not worth it(Power Management is not that good), but it's a good moto device.
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  4. OpTune

    I got a g5 plus and damn man the camera is amazing. I upgraded from a HTC M8 and what a difference. The selfie cam is is really amazing. The phone is much faster and very efficient compared to the M8.

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